Who is Sheldon?

Am I missing something? I saw the picture, but everyone…ok…somepeople :teehee: are talking about him like they know who he is. Is he Amy’s husband? :shrug:

Yep, Amy’s husband.

Oh yes… and overlord of the forum!! :notworthy:

:teehee: Sheldon is He-Amy… :teehee:

Yeah, if you find out who this guy is let me know. He seems to be causing some trouble around these parts lately.

  • Sheldon


Sheldon has the best avatar! I love The Cheat.

Me thinks you are a bit of a smart aleck! :teehee:

I put the IT in KNIT!!

:roflhard: :rofl: :roflhard: :rofl: :notworthy:

Let’s just say we have a good sense of humor here at KH headquarters.

Even I know that The Cheat is holding his needles wrong! KH has taught me well!

Hi Sheldon, it’s nice to finally meet you. :waving:

:notworthy: :notworthy: Thanks for everything you do to keep us going :notworthy: :notworthy: and thanks for the great April Fool’s joke. :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

BTW I like the new look of the home page :thumbsup:

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx