Who is posting naughties on the Watcha Knittin'?

My comsifter at school won’t let me go to the Watcha Knittin’ section, it says there is something naughty and it won’t let me see. :shrug:

Of course, now I REALLY wanna see…

Stoooopid filter. They really are lame.

I don’t see anything naughty!!!

I’ll bet I know why… because of the f@gg0t stitch scarf. Internet filters don’t understand the difference between knitting and homophobia I guess :shrug:

*edited so Carmen isn’t blocked out of thise forum too!!!

wanna take bets on the f*gg0t stitch scarf?

That is kind of funny. :teehee:

well never mind…someone else already took that bet…lol

(i must say that it sorta makes my skin crawl when i see the word. Even my Queens don’t say that word…at least not in it’s full version…lol)

to be fair though…“yarn P*rn” makes me cringe too…lol

and i promise i am NOT a prude…lol

Well, that is one F word I never ever ever use in a derogatory way. I also make a conscious effort not to use “retard” even when talking about mentallyhandicapped persons. It really gets under my skin when kids at school call each other f@gg0ts or gay or retards or whatevers… I’d rather they call each other MFers or A-holes then any of those. The kids know, too, that I will slam them with a weeks worth of detention for uttering any of those words; it always takes one example each year, but I never have problems after that. I just can’t stand it when anyone makes remarks about a person’s sexuality or mental capabilities. I make them feel like real jerks, too.

Getting off the high horse now. Sorry. :oops:

that’s a high horse i LOVE to see people on because that all makes me crazy too. There is a woman who sits over <~there~ who calls people fggts all the time and says things are gay, etc. It near to makes me crazy and I have a very hard time not flipping out on her. In a one on one setting i would have put a stop to it but in order for me to say something now it would likely require yelling across the office and creating real havoc. I am not sure how much more of it I can take from her though before I have to contact HR… :wall:

You can contact HR now; you don’t have to confront her first. Her behavior is creating a hostile work environment and it’s making you uncomfortable. That’s all the grounds you need. :heart: :heart:

yeah i know but i don’t really trust the HR department here…Nice huh?..lol

That can be SOOOO frustrating! :wall: :wall: :wall:

Well, if they don’t handle it properly, you can always sue them. :teehee:

Well, I thinkyou should talk to her first before contacting HR. Maybe she doesn’t realize it’s rude. I think those words have become so ingrained in our vernacular that people dont’ notice anymore. Like “bitch”… I remember when I first heard that word on TV, maybe 10-12 years ago, and I was like WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!! They can’t say that on TV!!! It’s everywhere now.

Anyway, if you talk to her, and she doesn’t stop, then you can talk to HR. If they don’t do anything about it, you can take legal action.

hildegard, maybe by typing the word outright that her computer prevents her from seeing, she can no longer see this message either to find out what the difficulty is?

I agree with hilde, words are so ingrained in people, especially kids, that’s it’s gotten to where some say most anything and think that it’s okay…and it’s NOT :grrr: I detest all name calling, it makes my skin crawl!

lol this is an excellent point and the idea of that is making me giggle a little bit (cuz i am mean and naughty like that!) :teehee:

OMG!! You’re right!!! :doh:

YEP! THAT’s RIGHT! I was totally locked outta my own thread!!! :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I too do not use those words and when I taught high school I would rail on any kid who called something gay. I would get the usual, “oh she’s probably a dke" comment back. I’m like, "oh yeah, cause I really give a sht what you little bastards think of me and my sex life” Of course I never really said it like that…


sorry I locked you out :pout:

It’s pretty frickin’ funny, no? HA HA HA. I am home now, FILTER FREE!