Who is on Raverly?

I just got asked to join and I was wondering how many peeps from here are on there too so I can add you as friends. But dont worry, KH is still my #1 website:cheering:

Go to Groups on Ravelry and put in knitting help and you’ll see a bunch of us! I’m JanCA.

I’m kssunflower :slight_smile: I haven’t gotten around to doing anything in the My Notebook section yet though… I’m lazy lol

I’m ADAllen there too, but I just got invited today so I don’t have much set up yet.

There’s a longgggg thread about Ravelry in the general section. There are several of us on there, it’s a lot of fun! I was invited well over a month ago but didn’t begin much input until this week and thus far have only input 5 or 6 of my patterns and some books…not gonna do the stash, I have no reason to pull all of it out! We are going to remodel the bedroom and when that it done, I may take a stash count! There are a great many wonderful groups, too (lol, I’m a joiner, I seem to join every 4th or 5th one I see, lol!). It’s going to be an absolute masterpiece when open to the public IMHO!

I’m Bookfaerieknits. :slight_smile:

I’m sloooowly adding things in there. I look at my stash, and then sigh. It’ll take a while to get that in there!

I’m Bluebird49…I’ve been trying to get my books added–I lOVE LibraryThing.com!

still waiting…

[li]You signed up on August 8, 2007[/li][li]You are #24008 on the list.[/li][li]13454 people are ahead of you in line.[/li][li]4987 people are behind you in line.[/li][*]35% of the list has been invited so far[/ul]

i’m dakatzmeow over there too. when i get a chance, i’ll add others as friends. i’m off work now. :frowning:

I’m KBelle over there.

I’m Mulene over there :slight_smile: Join the KH group!

I’m dustinac over there…:happydance:

I’m Kaydee over in ravelryland:cheering:

I’m there - Ronda. :smiley:

I just got in today - chrislt8 over there too! Since the only thing I DO have organized is my stash - I got that in but have to dig out my project info, etc. There is just SO much to discover there!


DotMom over there. :cheering:

i’m LadyViolet. original, huh? :teehee:

I’m jjminarcik over there.

Hi, I’m on there as KnittyKitty