Who is in or around TN?

I would love to meet new people to knit with (ok if I actually ever had the time!) Anyone close to the northeastern border?

I only wish I were in Tennessee. Hot and dry here in Texas.

Just finished a HP scarf

Part of the year I’m in Gatlinburg. I’m hoping to spend the summer up there next year.

We’re about a couple hours away from Gatlinburg! :thumbsup:

I’m in Waynesville, NC. Right near the border of TN, about an hour from Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge.

We have friends building a retirement home in Waynesville.
I see a KH gathering forming in G-Burg! :teehee: :cheering:

It would be great if we could have a KH meeting in Gatlinburg!! :woohoo: Would anyone else be interested???

I live in Kentucky, just across the border from Oneida, TN.

:cheering: Hey, all you Tennesseans (or near Tennesseans). I live in lovely Morgan County.


:pout: That’s o.k. No one else knows where it is either. Claim to fame–2 state prisons! :shock: Yee Haw!

You have an Arkansan here! (Arkansas)

:waving: Hi there, aineepooh!

I live in Indiana - work in Kentucky so not that far in Indiana but we’re down to Gatlinburg at least once a year. I have a friend who is going through cancer treatments in clinical trials in Nashville so we’ve been down there alot lately. We’ll be going down to Michael W. Smith’s Rockettown in 2 weeks in Nashville too.

I think a group meet in Gatlinburg would be too much fun! :cheering:

How far is Gatlinburg from Hickory, NC???

according to yahoo maps it was around 3 hours. you could look there or mapquest to get a more precise number…my short term memory isn’t all that great and it has been at least 5 minutes since i looked! :wink:

I live in southeastern TN. Going to gatlinburg on the 28th for a few days. Any great yarn places I should check out? (Keep in mind you are aiding my addiction). :cheering: Thanks, Sherry

You know, I don’t know! I’ll be up there for a week in September, I gotta check it out! I know around the artist’s loop (off of 321, the trolley runs out there) there are some natural fiber places where they sell work created by weavers,etc.
I just started knitting so I haven’t paid that much attention. That would be cool if they had a great LYS! :cheering:

:verysad: I am sad to say that I don’t know if there any good yarn shops in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge and I only live about 2.5 hours from there. You guys can beat me later. :teehee: