Who is from Canada?

I was supposed to send something to someone on this list from Canada and now I can;t remember what I was sending and who I was supposed to send to. I just remember it was someone in Canada. Does this sound familiar to anyone? :??

I’m from Canada, but don’t think you were sending me something!! :teehee:

I’m from Canada and while I don’t think you were sending me something… I will gladly volunteer to receive anything you want to send. :teehee:

Or you could send it (whatever it is!) along to me, here in Canada! There seem to be a number of us! Good luck tracking down the right one… :teehee: samm

I think it was me, the sock yarn package :slight_smile:


Sock yarn? Sock yarn? I live on the border in Michigan. You could send any sock yarn to me!!

I’m from Canada too!! Hey all you Canadian’s!!! :hug:

I’m not from Canada, but you’re more than welcome to send me some goodies!