Who instructs on Verypink.com and is she assc with knitting help?

I am confused when I see verypink.com videos. She uses the words “knitting help” but I know it is not Amy.

Is very pink associated with this site and forum?

On a whim I did a search for “verypink” and quickly found 50+ posts with mention or especially links to VeryPink videos.

I’d rather send visitors to videos by by knittinghelp.com

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Same here. Staci drones drones on and on and on takes half an hour to get to a two minute how to. She’s shown things she just “discovered” that I’d been using for years thanks to what I learned here. The icing on the cake for me for disliking her videos is her nail polish. It’s distracting. I won’t post her links and will spend time finding others. I’ve long thought she shouldn’t be using Knitting Help for her online presence.

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