Who *heart*s Cables Untangled?!?!

I just got this book at crafts direct…it was included in a sale on all knitting book…I got it for $15!! I’m making that BEAUTIFUL afghan shown on the cover with a pretty blue shade of a very soft baby yarn.
I’m also following the feb. KAL for a purple item and making the cables shawl.
Once I bust out that and a couple of baby project for a few expecting friends and sister in law, I’m making one of the mens pullovers as the first project for my husband of a year.
This has to be one of the best books pattern-wise ever. I love the stitch dictionary in the back also, because I like to design my own stuff too.

Who else loves this book? Lets hear about all your plans for it!!

I DO I DO!!!

I’m working on the his/hers reversable scarf and have been for a long time–we rarely get to wear scarves down here in the south (GA) and I didn’t start it in time to actually use it during our wonderous 2 weeks of cold temperatures we’ve had this year so I’m just keeping it as a now and then project that I want to finish by November of this year. I also plan to do the first sweater (the one w/ the big cable down the front–I already have the yarn–Debbie Bliss–yummy) and I want to do the cover afhan too! I keep telling myself to get started on the afghan so it can be a Christmas present for my parents but I’m on a sewing kick right now and I’ve gotta finish the stuff on the sewing machine before I start something new!

btw–great price!!! Lucky you!

WHAT??? :noway: $15??? How, where, when can I get it at that price. Or is this an inside job? :?eyebrow: :teehee:

I haven’t read it yet but I’ve got a B&N gift card for $75 and that’s on my list of books to get. Has anyone seen the Vogue Stitchionary 2, the cable guide? If so is it worth getting? I just :heart: :heart: :heart: doing cables and I’m always looking for new patterns.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

I have the Vogue book and I love it! All 3 volumes are great, actually :cheering:

I heart it too!! I got it for Christmas, and though I haven’t started anything out of it yet, I :heart: to look at it and drool!! I luuuuv cables, especially now that I figured out how to do them w/o a cable needle. :cheering:

Me!! I do!! Let me know how long and difficult that blanket on the cover is. My mom keeps telling me I need to knit it for her. It just looks SOOOOO hard.