Who has the longest WIP list?

Been thinking about my WIPs. There are the active WIP’s, not a very long list. Then if I add inactive WIP’s, crochet WIP’s, other yarn related crafty WIPs. Now it is pretty long.
Who has the longest active knitting list of WIPs?
I know it’s not me. But I am very guilty of starting new projects all the time, I wonder who has the craziest list of projects on the go? I would be very interested to know. And is there anyone out there who only does one thing at a time???
Here is my WIP list:
Active knitting/crochet WIPs;
Stripey jumper in powder puff for DD1
Bamboo top for me (see my thread under whatcha knitting if you want to see these two)
Crochet jacket from garnstudio’s latest collection for me
Turquoise beaded cushion cover, so close to finished.(see thread in Whatcha knitting)
Inactive knitting/crochet WIPs;
Crochet felt rug with fibonacci concentric circles
Knitted mohair top for me
Crochet cotton vest for DD2
Crochet oddball afghan (I think this has been going for about 10 years)
Other textile WIPs;
Plaited rag rug
Some rag dolls I think? or maybe I haven’t started this can’t remember.

I am sure there are more, hidden away in boxes that I’ve forgotten about. Actually my list isn’t as scary as I thought it would be. But I haven’t included all my sewing WIPs. And what about my plans for a pot vegie garden? OK that is way off topic.
Perhaps an even scarier list would be the -to do- list !!

Let’s seeee…I have all the ones listed in my signature, but also a baby sweater from a Debbie Bliss book for SIL. I also bought yarn for the entrelac KAL and some Manos for a My So Called, and I think I’ll be starting both this week. :oops:

at last count, I had 14. Since then I’ve frogged a few, added 2 sweaters and a sock and a couple bags. :shock:

That is soo cool, maybe I will get started on a couple more before I finish ‘Damned Stripey Jumper With Lots Of Ends To Tie In’

Wow, looks like I am one of the disciplined ones. Who would have thought it?


Most of the time, I’ve got only 1 or 2 projects going on. At the moment, I’m working on my fair-isle sweater (started yesterday) and pomatomus socks. I think I’ll also start another sweater soon, with an easier pattern, so I can also watch tv and knit.

Just 2 for me…although I’d love to start more :oops:

now if I add up my list of things I want to do NEXT… then we have a problem!

OTN: Interweave knits intimates camisole (almost done!)
Kitchen towel
anthropologie capelet #2 for daughter (#4 overall)

Ali and Silver, how on earth do you keep up with so many projects? :thud:

I have five on my needles right now, and that seems just perfect for me. When I get bored with one, I move on to the next one. I usually work a little on each one every day, but sometimes I forget about one or another. I couldn’t imagine trying to keep up with 10+!! Crazy! :eyes:

Well, I was going to say only 1 at a time (I finish one project before casting on for another), but since Silver came out with her new tutorial, I cast on for that before finishing my other sock.

So this is the first time I’ve had more than 1 WIP.

I have a sweater, another scrunchable scarf, and a crochet afghan, so only 3 right now.

Three for me. I find that if I start having more than that laying around the house I start to feel overwhelmed.

I have a self imposed WIP limit of 5. If I didn’t force myself to stick with that, My WIP list would be insane. before I put that limit on myself, at one point I had 22 WIP’s. I’m NOT gonna let that happen again. At the current moment, OTN I have : Eunny Jang’s Entrelac Socks form spring 2007 interweave, a blanket using a shawl pattern, a garterlac baby blanket, Reid from knitty, and a pair of basic st st socks.

For me, it is all conditional on WHAT wips I have going. Since I am working on a project for the school that must be completed by Mar 15, I have refrained from casting on much of anything else. I have two sweaters in progress which I will give away now because 1) it’s almost summer and 2) they better be way too big for me by next winter. :slight_smile:

I like to keep 3 projects going at a time: One to work on daily during my public transit commute, one to work on in the evenings at home, and one complicated b@stard that needs focused attention on the weekends :slight_smile:

About 2 months ago I went through and frogged everything that I was never going to finish, selected new projects for most of the yarn, and tucked them away in ziplocks with a copy of the intended pattern. I added them to my spreadsheet “Queue”, and I try to take the oldest projects from the queue to the extent possible. Of course, I have little discipline so I will often let something exciting jump to the head of the queue. Or I will decide to make something for an impending event (birth, birthday) and take a project out of order to finish in time.

I’ve got 2 going right now - a pair of socks and a Branching Out scarf. I really try not to have more than 2 or 3 going at a time. I’m ready to try another sweater (short sleeves and some kind of cotton for summer), so I’m really trying to get these finished.


I’m getting ready, as soon as I finish my WIPs, to start the Branching Out scarf too! My yarn arrived on Monday, and I can hardly wait!!

Just 2 for me…socks and a scarf. I like to try to finish something before I start another project.

i’m usually a pretty monogamous knitter but lately i’ve been seeing so many cute patterns, it is really hard to only stay with one at a time. i have two on the needles right now but i plan on starting another one tonight. i really want to start/finish the calorimetry pattern that i’ve been dying to do before it starts getting too warm.

:oops: I didn’t think I had that many until I checked…at least 7 WIP that I have actually started. Of course that doesn’t count the yarn and patterns I have “planned” :teehee:

This year I decided to finish one project at a time, so far I haven’t actually finished anything! I am working hard on three particular ones - mainly due to the fact one project I have to do at home, it’s too hard to be a mindless knitting project and can’t really go with me…it’s almost a FO with only a few things left to finish on it. The other two projects are ones I take with me - the shawl is easy to stick into a smaller tote if I need a small project, while the blanket is just big and time consuming, so I take it with me pretty much anytime I can, if I can work on it, then I pull it out.

The other projects will wait until those three are done. I got so excited about knitting that I just started projects one right after another and before I knew it had all kinds of things started! Humm, I am that way with my sewing! Have lots of fabric and patterns waiting to be finished!

I try to keep 2 going at the same time. 1 on larger needles & 1 on smaller needles. Right now I have a blanket for Meghan started on size 13’s and a pair of longies on size 8’s. When my hands get tired on one project, I switch to the other.