Who has special BLOCKING tools?

Ok. Do I really need them. I’m just blocking my first sweater and I ran out of straight pins pretty quickly so I’m going to get some nice real blocking pins. But now I’m looking at those blocking boards which look pretty nifty.
But expensive! Webs has two sizes and are out of the larger one which is
$70 something. Smaller one is $45 which I could afford.

Does anybody use these and love em?

well, i’ve always been of the opinion that you shouldn’t spend money where you don’t need to, so i just use my bed (blushes) and stick the pins into that…

however, someone may reply and say how wonderful these tools are and well worth the money, in which case i will retract my statement and go straight out and spend, spend, spend…

P.S. Then they have this thingy, a sweater blocker. Is that good to use?


well as far as tools go and my habit of improvising…I too use my bed, tacks to pin my knitted item down and the iron with the steam option to steam block my knitted item :teehee:

I use my bed, the ironing board, the floor. :shrug:

I have a kit similar to the one you linked Vic - I have the lace blocking tools from Knit Picks and I love them. I’ve only used them to block scarves so far, but they are amazing amazing amazing. I got the blocking board for Christmas from my DH but since Christmas isn’t here yet I haven’t used it yet :shifty:

I have had good luck blocking on the floor (on to carpet) with towels and straight pins though.

Good luck!

i used a big cork board (those used for pinning notice in office and school cheap and dry fast too

I having a blocking board and I love it. It makes it easier for me to block to measurment. For me, I have to consider the fact that my cat is attracted to straight pins. So I need a blocking surface that is portable and so I can move it when I can’t supervise the cat.

hmmmm interesting… I didn’t know you could use the bed coz I thought it had to be on a hard surface like a table or floor. Cork is a good idea.
But I still want to buy the blocking stuff! Hm, Christmas Christmas…
gifts… SaraJ thanks for mentioning that kit. It does sound like it would be a pleasure to work with.

I use a plastic-covered changing table pad that I got at a thrift store.

I have a blocking board. I originally purchased it to block my needlepoint projects but it works beautifully for knitting also.

For small items I just use a square of styrofoam. Small items dry quickly on it and the pins go in easily.


I purchased a 4X8 sheet of styrofoam insulation board at a home improvement center for around $8 and cut it in half. Easy to stick pins into and stores under the bed when not in use :teehee:

I use a huge cardboard box that my sons toddler bed came in and I cover it with a big towell and pin my stuff out on that .

These are such great ideas! My husband just told me he has some insulation board in the garage! Who knew? Think I’ll pop over to Knit Picks though and look at their blocking tools… I might just get the set of tools and not the board.

Two years ago, I finally broke down and ponied up the dough for the BLOCKING BOARD that folds up when not in use, along with blocking wires.

This is why I am so pleased with the purchase: I aggressively block my garment pieces, which means the pieces are undergoing the process for as many days as it takes for the wet towels on top of them to become bone dry.

How could I do that on the bed? Or the kitchen table?

Another good point: the blocking board is not adversely affected by this aggressive “wet blocking” method. And the moisture does not go through to the surface below, whether that be the floor or a counter top.

The blocking board does not warp from the moisture.

Love it! Recommend it! It was worth the money. :waving:

FYI: Another worthwhile “can’t live without it” item is the wooden swift and Royal ball winder…for those who purchase yarn by the “hank”.

ok… I use one of those cutting boards…the one that is marked off in squares and you usually get them at fabric stores. I wanted to start w/ something cheap in case I didn’t continue with knitting( yeah right, lol) but that was 2 yrs ago. I covered it w/ clear contact paper, and use it. It helps keep lines straight, etc.

One of these days I’ll buy one of the “Blocking Boards” but it is so similar to what I use that I’m just too cheap. My board is over 6’ long and folds up nice and small in a plastic bag. Its over 3’ in height, and works great.

The contact paper keeps it from soaking up the water, and I’ve never had any problems with it. I’ve used it at least 9 or 10 times with heavy sweaters, etc.

Just my way to buy more yarn, lol

I searched high and low for a blocking board, and could find none. Was ready to just make one using directions I found on some website, when I saw one of those cardboard cutting boards from Joann’s. The measurements are perfect, folds up nicely to be tucked away. It is a bit large though, and since I live in a very small apartment, I really don’t have much room to lay it out all the way… and also the cats head right for it to take a nap on every time! If it is something fairly small, I just lay the item out on my ironing board and steam it, which works very well for me. I just use regular old fabric pins because I could not find “blocking” pins anywhere!! I guess it is a personal preference. Maybe you could just buy one of the cardboard boards from Joann’s, and then upgrade if you feel it would be a worthy investment.