Who has made Brittle?

I always make mine in the microwave. So easy and turns out perfect every time. No one ever knows the difference; they think I slaved over the stove with my candy thermometer.

I would stir constantly until it starts to boil. That is what I do anytime a recipe calls for sugar that is liquified or a caramel.

I would think you would have to get the water evenly dispursed to get the sugar to start to dissolve, then the heat will do the rest when it starts to boil.

have you tried making it with corn syrup instead?


This brittle was for a bake exchange that happened on Sunday. It was my third recipe in two weeks that didn’t turn out and I wasn’t feeling too good about it since I was out of time. Friday night was my last attempt and I failed it. Feeling miserable, I told my husband that we were going to have to buy eight batches of cookies because I was not going to bake anymore.

My dear sweet husband went onto the net and found a microwave recipe, with corn syrup and butter in it, and made a practice one. It turned out so he made seven more :heart:

yay beldie’s DH!!! :woot: thats a real man :slight_smile: