Who has made Brittle?


I can’t get my sugar to completely liquify and I really, really want to make almond brittle. I’ve tried, two times, to liquify the sugar and it melts on the bottom but never the top. The recipe calls for 3 cups of sugar (so yes, at this point I have wasted 6 cups of it) and 1/4 cup of water. Melt it at medium high heat.

Before turning on the burner, I stirred the sugar to mix in with the water. Once all of the sugar looked wet, I turned on the burner and let it go. A couple of times I gently swirled the pot around, but otherwise left it alone.

The sugar seems to start turning colour between the 15 to 20 minute mark. It gently bubbles throughout the time it is on the stove.

Do I need to swirl more?
Do I need to adjust my heat?
Would adding a bit more water help?

Please, please help me :pout:

By the way, I should add that there is no need for a candy thermometer to make this. Also, the sugar and the water is the brittle part. Add almonds and pour in pan is pretty much the rest of the instructions. It’s not a customary brittle recipe. I really, really need help to figure out why my sugar isn’t turning 100% into a liquid.

Why [I]wouldn’t[/I] you stir it?

I made peanut brittle years ago in the microwave, since my stove was out of commission and I had to donate to a bake sale.

It worked out great.

The recipe tells me not to stir it once it starts boiling. I can swirl gently, but no stirring.

Yes, I agree, I think you need to stir more. Like, all the time. Or find a new recipe…


Okay ixnay my first suggestion then :teehee:

Checking around, it looks like you can stir it until it starts boiling, then you stop. It’s worth a shot.

How much sugar do you have left in your house Beldie? :slight_smile:

Yeah, I have stirred it to get the sugar and water combined and then left it. Maybe I can stir it longer until it boils.

Here’s a recipe that is almost identical, in instructions, to the one I am using:

I have searched other brittle recipes to see if I could find out any information, but that seems to be the cookie cutter explanation.

I started off with an almost full 4kg bag :mrgreen:

I think I might need to add more water according to this article:


I don’t think adding more water will hurt the brittle since it is supposed to evaporate off anyway.

Oh, and according to that article, it looks like I may even be able to salvage the two sugar rocks I have sitting on my counter. :thumbsup:

Isn’t that illegal???

Oh, nvm, you’re in Canada… :teehee:

Microwave brittle is so easy you’ll never make it the old fashioned way again. This one got good reviews. :slight_smile: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Microwave-Peanut-Brittle-2/Detail.aspx

I realize that you are discussing your particular recipe, but I just wanted to say that I absolutely do stir, and I absolutely do use a candy thermometer. I just feel like I have more control over the process that way.


A few years ago somebody said just melt the sugar, no water, by stirring it around with a wooden spoon. I put the nuts in the oven to stay warm and sprinkle them with vanilla extract so they’re all ready when the sugar goes. Works for me!

Hey Beld, I was thinking too that maybe it’s just not hot enough? If you’re not using a thermometer to tell the temp, I think it’s suposed to come off the spoon like little hairs… think laceweight mohair :wink:

Okay, I haven’t gone for a third attempt yet, but hope to get one done tonight. We’re busy tonight with parent/teacher interview and shopping for basement reno stuff. I’m hoping that I can pick up a candy thermometer while we’re out though. With the great suggestions here and some from a friend who watches the foodie stations all the time, here are the modifications I will be doing to get liquid sugar this time: put sugar in a food processor to get finer sugar, use a wider bottom pan to get more heat to the top quicker, add more water, start at a lower temperature, stir a lot before boiling, buy and use candy thermometer. If this doesn’t work, then it will be a sad, sad moment for Beldie.


It’s not working. :pout:

I had it on the second lowest setting on my stove to dissolve the sugar and never got a clear solution. I stirred constantly. It started hardening on the top again, so I’m done. :verysad: