Who has knit an EZ Square Baby Blanket?

I was thinking of making one for our friend’s second son… I wonder how long it will take…

What did you use? and how long did it take?

You’re on Ravelry, did you check there, too? There are 40 projects to look through and you can see what yarns also. I don’t know that I’ve seen one here in KH, but there may have been one I didn’t see.

Actually, I don’t speak Zimmerman-ese. so help?

Translator required, please.

It’s in English… I’m not sure what you need help with…:??

As to what yarn to use, anything appropriate for a baby blanket. To me, that means easily washable so probalby an acrylic or cotton blend. 100% cotton can be heavy, so may not be what you want to use. Some of the ones at Ravelry that are done stripped or in verigated yarns look really nice.

Are you having trouble understanding parts of the directions? I know that EZ patterns are often written more in general terms then specific row by row instructions. I don’t have the book with that pattern. You can type out the sentence or two that you’re having trouble with, I’m sure someone will be able to help interpret it.