Who else combines methods for socks?

I learned socks on DPNs, then learned how to do magic loop. I’ve done toe-up 100% on magic loop, and cuff down 100% on DPNs. I haven’t tried 2 circs yet but I will get to that since I like to learn new things. What I’ve found is that I most enjoy cuff-down socks, but I like to do the cuff on magic loop. It’s much faster that way. Then for the rest of the heel and gusset, I like to use DPNs. Sometimes I then switch back to magic loop for the foot.

Just curious if anyone else does that :slight_smile:

Nope, not me. I like 2 circs and stay that way throughout the whole sock.

I’ll be trying that soon. :slight_smile:

So far, I’m a dpn kind of girl, but I want to learn magic loop.

I started on the dpn’s. Then I learned the ML. I perfer the ML. For me it is quicker, I get better tension, there is only the one needle to keep up with, I don’t have a problem with laddering, and the top of the sock can rest on hold on one part of the cable while I’m working the heel flap and gusset.
I want to learn to do two socks at the same time (top down) on the ML. I don’t have high speed internet so dial up makes watching the videos of little use.

OMG! I do that,too. I thought I was the only one.