Who Do You Knit For?

It seems that one of the inevitable consequences of developing a talent for knitting is that friends and family will ask you to make something for them. At least, I assume this is a consequence based on the number of projects BostonBecca works on for others. So, who do you most often find yourself knitting for? Yourself? Or others? Equally as important, who do like to knit for most?

Me? I’ve only got my one project going, but I hope to make a similar blanket for my college-bound sister soon and, of course, something for the Knitting Gal (any suggestions??).

I wanted to learn to knit to best my 12 year old brother. He’s been bragging for about 2 years now that he could knit and I couldn’t. So he went on vacation, and when he came back, I was 4 inches into a ribbed scarf. :smiley:

My first ever knit project is said scarf, in a gorgeous lime green, and the second project is going to be a scarf for a scarf swap. :slight_smile:

From there? Not sure where I’ll go… Probably something for my family. :slight_smile:

I’ve knit for both my daughters. Though I have stopped knitting for my oldest (11 1/2) because she doesn’t use/wear what I make. Her sister continues to enjoy my efforts. I’ve knit for my father, nephews, niece, myself, and a friend.

I usually knit things that are intersting to me, and try to figure out who might enjoy it.


I mostly knit for charity. I love making little sweaters because when knitting for charity it requires no gauge…it’ll fit someone anyway.

My daughters are pretty picky so I haven’t made them anything and they haven’t asked. :shrug: I have a couple patterns that I may use for them eventually though.

I have made boccoos of scarves and hats. i made scarves for family members and hats for coworkers. right now I am making crocheted baby blankets and i have made 3 for coworkers( haven’t finished #3 yet). I love making bb with crochet… they just zip by so fast. right now I have made 4 baby blankets and started number 5. I am going to send them to maryb for her abandoned baby charity…:thumbsup:
I can’t ever seem to make anything for myself~:think::think: I started a knitted T top back in april… and I haven’t finished it yet. Maybe I will finish it before the holidays~!:rofl::rofl::rofl:

I am a very selfish knitter. I have at least one project on the needles for me. I’ve knit for my sisters if I see an easy pattern that they might like, for my dad, and my husband. I only knit for friends if they are expecting. Otherwise if someone asks me to knit for them, I decline and offer to teach them.

I knit for my Mom, sister, nephew, daughter, grandsons, and myself. I’ve been thinking of knitting something for my son-in-law.

I have knit for my DD (she’s 2), mom, dad, sister, girlfriend, cat, brother and myself. My brother is actually my biggest hat fan. He loves hats. I think I may be brave and try a sweater for him for Christmas. Of course my dad and sister have already asked for sweaters. The cat was the least appreciative. I made him wear the sweater to the vet anyway and I thought he looked very handsome!

I actually really like to make sweaters for myself. I know what colors and fibers I like. I definitely appreciate the process and money that went into a project. I also like that I am only making xsmall or small sizes for myself… it goes quicker than that XLarge sweater for my brother will go.


I knit mostly for me but I’ve knit for my son, my DH, my mom and my best friend. Except for my son (13 months) who doesn’t know any better, everyone appreciates my knitting which makes it easier to knit for them!

I mostly make things for family–occasionally for friends. Almost all gifts I give are handknits now. So I don’t have time to knit for me. I have to start on Christmas gifts in Jan. to have time to make something for all my family!

One of my favorite things to make for people is fingerless gloves. They are warm, comfortable, (fast) and one still has the ability to use their fingers! My toddlers (who hate mittens) will wear them because they can still do anything they want to–and their hands stay warm!!

I am going to come right out and say that I am making a cashmere sweater for DH (instead of for myself) so I could justify the $175 on yarn. “Honey! It’s a gift! For you!”

I know I’m not fooling anyone, I obviously just wanted to knit with cashmere. I am a bit intimidated though. I am making him this http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEfall06/PATTavast.html, but he asked that I replace the pattern at the bottom with this double helix http://www.twosheep.com/helix/ (he has a Phd in neuroscience). But I have to figure out the sideways issue…

So maybe I’ll just curl up in bed and pile the cashmere on top of me :happydance:

That looks like a great sweater! Good luck!

I knit mostly for me. Knitting is my me-time so I make me-things with it. I do sometimes knit for friends, though. I don’t get asked a lot to make things, which makes me happy. Usually my knitted gifts are surprises.
My friend just asked me to make her a massive scarf like the one I’m working on (it’s a tube, 85 stitches across, meant to be 85 inches long) and I flat out refused. I told her I’m estimating 20 to 30 hours worth of knitting time for this and no way, but I offered to teach her how to make one.

I knit for myself mostly. I have big plans about things that I want to make for family and close friends but I never get around to it. I need to get better about that.

I’ve knit mostly for my daughter and my mother. I have made one or two things for myself, but then I feel guilty when my mother tells me how much she LOVES what I made, and I give it to her!!! I’ve knit for my aunt (at my mother’s request - gifts for my aunt) and my niece and my daughter, and I knit a few booga bags for friends. I’m a slow knitter though because it’s not something I do every day, as much as I would like to…

I knit for myself and others. I’ve made lots of things for myself - sweaters, hats, socks, felted bags. But I like knitting for others too. I’m making baby blankets for some friends that are expecting. I recently finished a Booga bag for a friends birthday. I’ve knit a blanket for my DH and socks and slippers for my boys. Plus I make dishcloths and give those away all the time.

My intentions were good … I wanted to knit sweaters to send to Guideposts for their Knit for Kids projects. I still have my first sweater-to-be in pieces in my knitting bag. I misread the directions
they furnished and tried to rectify my mistakes but ended up with 4 pieces that I can’t sew together.

I had knitted, somewhat successfully, in the past, but after a 20+ year hiatus have found that while the basic tecniques of knitting did return easily, the more detailed ones did not. I think I’ll give up on the first Knit for Kids sweater I goofed up, but I’m not sure I can even do another correctly when it comes to sewing the pieces together.

So, in answering your question, “Who do you knit for?”, I should answer with “I will knit for anyone who needs or wants something that doesn’t have to be joined with another piece.”

I’ve knitted mainly for myself. I have made hubby a wash cloth, which he loved and said in the winter I can make him a scarf.
I’m really excited about knitting for my swap partner, but nervous at the same time, it’s the first time I’ve knitted something for someone. She makes really nice things too.

I’ve got an idea about knitting something for my step-mother and step sister for Christmas, but other than that it’s always me.

Oh and a little blanket for the cat! I can’t forget her!

I’ve only recently started knitting but I know I’m going to be knitting mostly for someone other than myself. Of the FO I have the hat is the only thing I kept (and that is because I insisted!). I am knitting for a family gift exchange next month so I will be knitting for my father, mother, brother, sister, nephew, niece and brother-in-law. I have already knitted for my boyfriend some socks and a scarf and he has requested a satchel as well. I also plan to knit somethng for my best friend, when i don’t know.

So I guess the answer to the question is mostly for everyone else but me! I would love someday to make myself something but I love to give so its OK for now.

I knit for me and I LOVE to knit for those who enjoy and use/wear the things that I knit for them. When I hear this/that is too pretty to wear or use I no longer knit for that person! Of course, my favorite person to knit for is Lonnie, oh, and my sister, she loves any and all things I knit for her, as does Lonnie which makes it a joy to knit for them!