Who analyses others knitting?

Is it just me and my friend who do this or do others as well. When we are out and about together (or on my own for that matter), we often analyse the knitted clothes others wear, like work out the rib or the type of wool. Is it just us being completely over obsessed or do others do it too? :blush: :smiley:

I do it all the time! I was at a show at the boys’ school and a lot of my time was spent looking at others’ sweaters to see if they were handmade (most weren’t) and checking out stitch patterns and color patterns on all of them.

I was at a breakfast last year and a woman was wearing an obviously handmade shawl, but I thought it was so hideous, I couldn’t bring myself to comment on it. :oops:

I’m worse than that - When I see people knitting in public, I actually take a peek to see what their tension is like, the needles in relation to the yarn, if it’s somebody I know I might ask to see it and analyze the stitch pattern to figure out what they’re doing. I’ll try to identify the decreases/increses. Yeah, it’s pretty bad, really. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve even gotten my hubby looking at stitches and telling me which one is a knit and which is a purl!! What a guy… :heart:

Always. I’ve learned a lot by looking at finished things, even things not hand done. I love to figure out the pattern stitches. Must be part of the addiction! A symptom!? samm :XX:

I do that all the time. Sometimes when I’m bored at class I amuse myself by looking at peoples sleeves and stuff and try to figure out what stich it is. Then I try to figure out what type of yarn it is. It’s about then people start thinking I’m a DPN short of a set :roflhard:

This all sounds so familiar to me. When I’m with my mom, we always do that and discuss about it and when I’m on my own, I think about it.

I do this with movies, too. I’m always thinking “oh, that scarf looks hand-knit” or something. :lol:

lol yeah I do it too… esp with movies wondering if the pattern is out there somewhere so I can have one too :rofling:

I’m to the point where I get annoyed at people buying hand-knit looking scarves for $25 that contain $10 of yarn and a day’s worth of knitting. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m always fingering clothes and knits!

I love you folks!!
You are as crazy as … me!

I thought we all did that. :oo: I do that in movies too. last week I was flipping through TV channels and I saw the Matrix and I was looking at the sweaters they were weraing when they were in the “real world” and I thought “OK who designed those, Debbie Blisss, nah too messy, maybe Jo sharp”

And then sometimes when I watcha movie and a star has on a hat or scarf I think “I wonder if she knit that herslef?” since so many star’s these days knit themselves.

Also I go up to people all the time and ask if they made the sweater, scarf, shawl, hat, etc that they are wearing.

I saw “While You Were Sleeping” again the other day. The hat that the little sister, Mary, is wearing at the end is my current obsession. So I’ve been thinking about how to do those cables with the decrease, looking for a still photo of it, when lo and behold there appears a photo of Bill Pullman on the front page of the local paper at a nearby town festival. (He grew up here.) It’s a sign!!!

I am now absolutely certain that I must figure out how to make this tam. :shock: Mr. Pullman tells me that this is so. :shock: Must. Write. Pattern.

But first I’m going to buy a copy of the movie and load it into the DVD player at the yarn shop to get others’ opinions on how it was made. :thumbsup:

I am new to knitting, so I look and wonder if I should even try that pattern. But I used to work at a florist and I would catch myself doing that with flower arrangements, figuring out the price and so on.


OMG, I totally do this all the time! Just the other day there was a catalog of some sort on my table that had a baby in a sweater. I had to point out to DH that the sleeve was a k2p2 rib and the body of it was garter stitch. He thought I had lost it for sure! :roflhard:

I bought a copy of While You Were Sleeping and took it to the knit-in at my LYS tonight and had the expert knitters giving suggestions on how to make the hat! :lol:

:heart: I love these people! :heart: I found the scene on the DVD and the minute the hat came into view there was a collective gasp. :inlove: So now I have a heap of suggestions and another referral to a goddess knitter who can probably tell me exactly how it’s made. :thumbsup:

I’m really bad about staring at people’s sweaters, etc. Sometimes I think I stare a little longer than I should, trying to figure out and remember stitch patterns. I’ve gotten a few strange looks… :oops:

Yes, I too look at objects of desire and try to determine what stitch pattern was used. And I am amazed at the fact that they choice a specific stitch to do a scarf or sweater that I probably wouldn’t have thought of in the beginning. Cool stuff. I totally do it with scarves.

Embarassingly, I can’t tell you the number of times I have seen someone with a unique scarf or sweater or hat and said, “OMG, did you make this? It’s gorgeous. Where did you get the pattern?” Only for them to stare at me :shock: like I am some crazed person (no comments) becasue they wouldn’t know which end of a knitting needle to knit with if someone stabbed them in the eye with it. Then they say those dreaded words, “I bought this at {name of store in mall}”