White Lies Pattern

Has anyone made this white lies pattern? It is called Sarah. I am thinking about making it and wondering at the difficulty level (it says intermediate, but in my experience there are many levels of intermediate). Would love to know if anyone has made this and how it turned out. Just being cautious before I shell out $9 for a pattern. THANKS


I haven’t made it, but I looked at the sweater… it’s GORGEOUS! I think you can do it… looks like some simple lace, maybe picking up stitches, ribbing. Just from looking, my guess is that the most difficult part would be keeping track of rows for the shaping; get yourself a row counter and GO FOR IT!! You can do it, and we’re always here for help.

Of course without seeing the pattern it’s hard to tell for sure, but there may be some short row shaping involved since it has such a curved lower edge, and also wide ribbed collars like that sometimes have short rows to help them lay flat. It sure is lovely though!!

Thanks for the encourgement Ladies…at the little ones nap time I am off to order the pattern. Thanks again

Please let us know how it turns out! I am adding it to my list of things to make, which is never-ending! This is at the top of it though.