White Lies design patterns

Has anyone ordered a pattern from Whiteliesdesign.com? I’ve ordered and expected to be able to download the pattern but nothing. I got an order confirmation from them for ordering the pattern and then nothing else. Do they mail it or what?

I’m working on one now - everything should be mailed to you. It took a while for mine to come b/c they had a shortage of the yarn. What pattern are you making?

I got one from them. It was mailed. Which pattern are you doing? I did this one for my sister last month. she is supposed to take a pic of it so i can post it here. but she hasn’t yet.

I orderd the Alene Camisole & Boy short pattern. No yarn. I prefer to pick my own yarn out by hand due to a severe texture sensitivity so I figured that with only buying the pattern it would be electronic. sighs Thanks! The jacket pattern is beautiful Scout52! I bet you did a wonderful job on it.

I got a cami and boy short pattern too - my friend ordered it and had it sent to me so I could make it for her. I love the idea of knitting undies! :teehee: The yarn they sent was a cotton and I had my doubts as i wound it up, but it works up like a dream, really super soft.

Thanks I really enjoyed working on that jacket. It worked up pretty fast. I really liked that it had no seams. I did have a little booboo when it came to shaping the collar though. But no one seemed to see it but me. She loved it. I only ordered the patterned as well. I used alpaca instead of wool bc my sister doesn’t like wool that the pattern called for. I’ll bug her so I can post the pic.