White Christmas "Squares" Afghan

I’m wondering if any of you would be interested in participating in another charity afghan that would be made in 12 inch squares…in all white yarns.

The blanket would be given to a charity I know of in Charlotte, North Carolina this Christmas.

A church in Charlotte does a “White Christmas” charity drive every year. All gifts are wrapped in white, and given to the poor in the community. I think a white blanket would make a nice gift to a needy family, and they would always remember that they received it at the White Christmas service.

All the squares would need to be knit and mailed to me by November 1st, to give me time to seam them all together in time for the charity program in December.

You can use any washable worsted weight WHITE yarn in your stash. You can use any design for your square. Just be sure to begin the square with 3 rows of all knit stitches, then begin and end each row with 3 or 4 knit stitches, then end the square with 3 more rows of all knit stitches. (This will create a nice garter stitch border around the square.)

Here is a pattern I have made that measures 12 inches:

You can use that design if you want, or just change the inner stitches for the design you want.

We need 35 squares. You can knit one or two squares, depending on how many people sign up for the project. Just let me know how many squares you are willing to make.

Thanks! :muah:

I’ll do a couple!

Sounds good. I would like to be involved!

Thank you both! :muah:

I’ll send you a PM with my address, so you’ll have it when you finish your squares.

If we only get a few people signing up, I’ll just make it a lapghan instead of a blanket. :hug:

Woman you are the most givingest knitter I have ever seen. You are truly put on this earth as an angel to help us all. I just wanted to say that. :hug:

Oh, that’s so sweet of you to say! :muah:

I used to be a single mom, and I couldn’t make it day to day financially. The church helped me several times back in those days…paying my power bill, buying me groceries, giving me a HUGE bag full of toys for my kids for Christmas one year, providing every piece of furniture for my nursery for my baby, helping me move from an apartment to a house. They were always there for me, in such a loving, wonderful way.

I’ve always believed that I should help others if I can, so that’s why I like to knit for charity. There’s no way I could ever give enough to equal what has been given to me over the years. But, I can at least TRY. It feels SO GOOD to give to others.

Sandy, I heartily second feministmama! you are simply an awesome person. I’ve got some Bernat Satin that is dying to be used for this blanket


So, does that mean you’re in the knit-along? :teehee:

This sounds wonderful…please add my name to your list.

Gail M.

I am in!

Oh, Sandy. Your story brought tears to my eyes :cry: and inspiration to my fingers!! :knitting:Count me in for 2 squares. Just let me know where to send 'em!:hug:

I got a big huge skein of white yarn from my ailing Grandma’s stash earlier this year. I think this will be a great project to use it for! Count me in!


I’m in for a couple!

I’m in for at least 2 squares

You guys are WONDERFUL! I’m sure we’ll have enough squares to make one or MORE blankets! :cheering:

I’m not going to turn anyone away. If you want to make a square, just send it to me. I’ll seam them together and make afghans until my eyes cross. :teehee:

Sandy, you can sign me up for 2 squares too. I can also help you putting the afghan together if you show me how.


Woo Hoo! Thanks Lestrella! :hug:

Oh! I wish I had some white yarn in my stash! this is such a terrific project! :sad:

I tend to shy away from white though because, as my mother would say, you can’t take me ANYWHERE. :rofl:

I’ll be happy to send some yarn to you to use for the project. Just send me a message with your mailing address.

Does it need to be White, white, or can it be a little ‘off’? I have some in my stash, I lost the label, so I’m not sure if it is true white.

Did that make sense???:eyes: