White Buffalo Wool

I have been given White Buffalo Wool cakes and it is falling apart when I try to knit with it. Please HELP!! It’s an heirloom and I would really like to use this wool.

Greetings Arrlly!!!

Someone gave me some really old yarn awhile ago and it was very beautiful. But as soon as I tried winding it into balls, it broke every few feet. I finally decided it wasn’t all that beautiful and threw it out.

When you say this yarn is “an heirloom” does that mean it’s old? There might not be any way to salvage it if it falls apart. What’s it made of??


Hi Knitcindy
Yes it’s from the 80’s and my Grandma gave it to me before she passed. It is called White Buffalo Wool.

Has it been spun or plied? or is it a single ply? It would strengthen the wool to spin it with something else or to add a twist to it.

Is it possible that it is inscect damaged, there isn’t much help for that.