Whipstitching Summertime Tunic

:hair: Just wondering if there is someone out there that could help me out with the Summertime Tunic in the Summer issue of Interweave Knits. Here is where I am at:

[I]“With stitches still on needle, fold facing to inside of garment at turning row.” /I [I]“Whipstitch live sts to inside of garment to form casing (see figure 1)”[/I]

Figure 1 states: [I]“Slip first stitch onto tapestry needle and draw yarn through stitch. Insert tapestry needle into purl stitch, splitting plies so that whipstitching cannot be seen from RS.”[/I]

What I don’t understand is this…am I sappose to cut a long piece of yarn to do this, or else how would i do this with nearly a full ball of yarn yet still on the last worked stitch.

I don’t know if I am even wording this so anyone can understand where I am confused. I hope so. Hopefully someone is out there that can give me a little advise. :pray:

Yes, you’ll have to cut the yarn.

Often when you hem a garment that’s been bound off or cast on, it pulls in on the body and you can see it on the outside.

By sewing the live stitches to the inside of the knitting, you avoid having it pull in, and by putting the yarn through the yarn of the stitch rather than under it, it will not show on the right side so much.

Ahhh! Thanks so much for all your help. I really really appreciate it. Now it makes perfect sense. I would hate to mess it up, now that I got this far. This is my first garmet, I am still shakey. Thanks again!