Whining b/c I'm sick

I woke up yesterday morning with the plague (cold/sinus infection) that is running rampant through the hosp. Despite taking Tylenol I am still running a fever and my head is sooo full of snot that I think it is going to explode from the pressure - seriously it’s one of those bugs where your face, teeth, and ears hurt. I’ve got a back spasm from all the sneezing and my hose hurts from all the blowing. WAAAAHHHHAAAAA I can’t even bring myself to read or knit with my day off :waah:

:hug: Uggh, I know how you feel! I had something similar a few weeks ago and ohhhh I wasn’t feeling good! Hang in there, in a few days you’ll feel a lot better. In the mean time, treat yourself! For me it was hot chocolate. :oops: I swear this is what cured me. :shifty:

:hug:How about some hot tea with honey and lemon, just to make you feel better? I’m sure in a few days you’ll get better :hug:.

:hug: That’s bad when you can’t even knit… hope you feel better really soon! It sucks to be sick…:muah:

pats you on the back…that sucks…

Right now I am dealing with a red eye…don’t think it is pink eye…I don’t have all the crap that comes with it…I think I stuck my finger in my eye with cat fur or dust on it…so likely allergies…it better go away before the wedding!!!



Hopefully you’re feeling better soon! There’s been something similar running through my house for a while now. I thought I had a sinus infection but the dr. says no. I had all that sinus pain in my ears and jaw, blowing my nose non stop, and, a horrible cough because of all the sinus drainage. My poor son has it too :frowning:

Hopefully it passes for everyone soon!

Feel better soon, everyone. Go ahead and baby yourself.

Thank you for allowing me to whine. The hubby stopped on his way home from work and brought me some soup from a little restaurant that makes it from scratch. I couldn’t taste it at all, but it was hot and the first thing I ate all day and the fact that he thought of it was wonderful. I’m thinking I’ll call in tomorrow too - can’t be around the kiddos at the hosp with a fever and sneezing/coughing the way I am. Plus, this is the first time I’ve sat up all day.

Cryket - hope you eye gets better for your wedding. I slammed my left thumb in a truck door right before our wedding (had to have a hole drilled in the nail to let the blood out and then couldn’t paint it b/c of the infection risk) so in some pictures I am hiding my big black thumb and in others I am not paying attention and there against the backdrop of my white dress is my big black thumb :teehee:

:hug: My sympathy. I hope you feel well enough to at least knit very quickly.

Hope you’re feeling better soon! :hug:

Oh my…yeah…DF has that going on too…from the crossbow injury…it looks much better then it did, and most of the nail has grown back, but it is still a bit gory…

Could you imagine having a red eye…it isn’t like it is even both either…I mean, with both you could tell everyone you were drunk…or really tired…but one just looks like you are infectious! sigh…Visine doesn’t seem to be doing it…might have to step it up a notch!

Get over it. I never whine about being sick.

Unless I feel bad…

Hope ya better better soon.

You sound like my boyfriend. He asked how I was feeling (we are separated by a continent right now) and I said I was a little depressed about being confined to the couch and a little lonely. I’ve had a small set back since my surgery and so no moving around much for me. He basically told me to get over it and change my attitude and I’d feel better. Yeah, that helped me a lot…:!!!:

ETA: wow, guess it made me a little madder than I thought… sorry for the rant…

Oh dear, I hope you are feeling better soon!! I get similar symptoms from my allergies sometimes and it sucks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Crycket, have you tried benadryl? That does it for me when I do the cat dander in the eye thing. My eyes swell shut when I accidentally do that. :stuck_out_tongue: Good luck! :slight_smile: