Whiligig shrug

I am knitting the whirligig shrug for my granddaughter. When I got to the second sleeve, the pattern as it was supposed to show up on the right side is now on the wrong side. what do you think I did wrong? I had to connect the sleeve in the round…but I am thinking maybe i should be knitting with the wrong side showing??? or could I have gone in the wrong direction to start the round? I am baffled and have ripped in out twice now.

You may have connected in the round with the needles on the far side of the sleeve sts instead of close to you so that makes it inside out. Take out the sleeve and restart it with the sts positioned as if they were a cup and you would be taking a drink from where the needles are.

A link to the pattern might be a good idea too.

then do I continue knitting in the direction or where I would be SIPPING…or the TOP of the cup???

Right, always keep the needles where you would drink from the cup. You’ll be knitting the sts to the left of that.

I’m not familiar with how that is made, but if you made sleeves and then are joining them in to a bigger overall work make sure that you set your sleeve up so that it is right side out when you begin joining it on. Lay it all out so that it makes sense as it would be worn and everything is right side out. Then join in on the end of the sleeve that makes it come out right.

I hope you figure it out, since this is a beautiful pattern! I will have to make that one for my niece or god daughter.

Oh my, I should not look at patterns all the time. So many in line now.

Edit: is that pattern online anywhere now? or do you have the magazine? If just in the book then I will have to make up my own, oh well.

You have stitches that are on a holder, and you join them in the round and use double points. I must be going in the wrong direction…but am definitely going to try the tip I received and see if I can’t finish this.

Thank you so much…i am going to give it a go tonight.

the join in the round is for that cute cuff around the front, right?
I would hold the piece with the right side facing me (or my lap) and keep knitting the stitches off the left needle.
the jacket then sits there like an open bowl.

this makes the right side of the round part the same right side as the jacket.

Maybe you need to give it another go to make it right.

YOU ARE ALL SO SMART!!! i finally started back on it this evening…and I can tell already…success! I won’t get it finished for a few more days!!! but will post when complete. THANKS SO MUCH…This site is always saving me!!!