While in Passau, near the Austrian and Czech border,

I was in a little 2nd hand store and bought 150 grams of what I think is wool or wool blend. The 3 skeins cost me 1.50 Euros. About $2. Now, My question is: What to make with this yarn, (can’t get more) It’s pink tweed, (no labels) I have no idea of meters or yards, Was thinking of hats or scarves or Mobius but Would I have enough or too much? What to do with left-overs?

How lucky are you, to have travelled so far and come home with a wooly treasure!

Not an expert by any means, but I think that would surely be enough for a scarf of some sort. I’ve been knitting up a boatload of scarves, they make such great gifts!

When I send one to a friend (usually ‘just for fun’) I include a little note saying “this is a small hug from a friend”. One woman says it helped her get through a cold, difficult winter, wearing it daily, even inside the house!

You can make a scarf narrow and long, or wide and short, or wide and narrow…etc…

Maybe I can help. The lable of that wool / yarn surely gives SOME information, doesn’t it?
German products usually have meters per 50 g labled and have the swatch numbers for stitches and rows on a 10 by 10 cm square…

just handmade stuff may not have any of this info.

But if you know the name and / or the maker of that wool / yarn… I will ask my aunt Google to take a look at it. Since I am German I may find stuff that you can not read much of :smiley:

Can you scan or photograph the lable, maybe? Or at least give brand and type?

With NO information it is hard to give advice on projects… but a scarf should always work with 150 g.

Edit: just saw: no lables… make a swatch, pull out the needle, weigh it. Then you know how much that much knitting weighs. Is that any idea for you?

I knitted this Debbie Bliss Teddy with about 120 g and because it is made of seperate pieces, if you feel you have run out of yarn before you are finished you could always do a contrasting nose, ears etc

Those teddys are so cute. I’m just not sure I would like to do a teddy out of wool. I think I have to use it for a hat or scarf. There is a beret pattern around here somewhere done in loose cables that I really like. But, thanks for the idea.

I bought a hat pattern not too long ago that I really like. You probably would have just enough. If you were worried about it, you could do the headband out of a contrast color.

Also, if you needed to check the gauge I have seen these tools:

Happy knitting!