Which yarn

I saw on the internet, some plymouth happy feet yarn for about 7 dollars a skein.
I’m looking for washable, easy care sock yarn.

Who on the internet sells it, at a price BELOW 10 dollars a skein?

Thisseller on ebay is selling it for 5.95 and s/h is 1.47…googling it I found some blogs that mentions it is new but they enjoy working with it.

I like Paton’s Kroysock yarn and it’s washable and reasonable… I haven’t had any problems with it at all…:thumbsup:

Keep in mind that you need two 50 gm balls to make one pair of socks or one 100gm ball. A pair of socks takes appx 450 yds. So if you do see some sock yarn for under $10 make sure it’s enough for a pair. Even KP yarn that sells for under $5 a ball …you need two balls for a pair.

We knit socks because we can, not because it’s cheap. :wink:

It’s a great gift, too. I might include the instructions I used to knit the socks, when I send out a pair to someone.
I told my younger daughter about some socks I was making for her, and she sounds real happy. She wants some unusual socks…she likes cats, and I would like to find a neat cat pattern to knit into the sock cuff. Got any?

what other place on the internet sells good priced sock yarn?

is the link to Smileysyarns.com
Their sock yarn is called Cervinia Calzetteria
and is very reasonable @ $2.50 per ball.
You will need at least 2 balls for a pr. of socks.
I have not used this myself, but you could search online for reviews of how folks like it.
I always get in trouble when I go to that site, bec. I see so MANY yarns I think I need! LOL
They do have a min. order of $40, but I sometimes find a friend to order with me…
Karen G.
P.S. www.littleknits.com has some nice sock yarns as well…

Knitpicks has several sock yarns. If you haven’t clicked on one of their banners at the top of the page, try it.

I looked at all their sock yarns, and found these:

That’s all I could afford!!

Little knits and Joann sure have some nice prices for sock yarns!

Couldn’t I also use baby yarn for socks? Seems like it’d be easier to take care of, too!!
The whole thing about socks is, using small diameter yarn, right?

is the link to Smileysyarns.com
Their sock yarn is called Cervinia Calzetteria
and is very reasonable @ $2.50 per ball.

Smiley’s is nice, good prices, but, that 40 dollar minimum aggravates me sometimes.
Plus, I’m uneducated as to which yarns are best for what, and why some yarns are preferred over others for certain projects.

Yes you could use baby yarn for socks, just check you gauge.

I have used Sockotta and really like it. It washes well and I like the cottony feel.