Which yarn would you use

I want to make this


but the yarn is discontinued what yarn would you recommend?

If you want it to be machine washable, I’d recommend Plymouth Encore.

Come to think of it, www.elann.com has some nice-looking washable wool on sale this month.:think:

Love your boxer, btw!:inlove:

Thank you he is one of three, the other two are girls. George is the biggest cuddliest baby alive. (never get a Boxer owner started! lol)

see I forgot what else to ask. The yarn is calls for is worsted?

Yes, Encore is worsted and really does make a great afghan.

I had a Boxer, Butch, as a kid, and then a little girl, Clara, a few years ago. They are my favorite dogs, too, even if they are a bit nuts. :teehee: