Which yarn would you suggest?

I am putting socks on my “to-knit” list and I was wondering what everyone’s preferences were to which type of yarn to use. I like my socks soft and fluffy feeling, but not too slick. We’ve got wood floors in our house and I don’t want to end up on my behind!!


If you are looking for a slipper sock I would go with these… I love the pattern and the caron simply soft makes for a very very soft and cuddly sock… I was worried about sliding in mine as well but after a wash they were fine and had no problems…

You might also want to check out Silver’s sock class too

Iam a die hard Lornas Laces fan, the stuff knits amazing and is so soft on the feet and if you get shepherd sock its superwash.

Here’s my “crack” supplier


Great prices, quick shipping and very polite :slight_smile:

Just my 2 cents worth.

Thanks for the tips! All the yarn looks great! Now I just have to pick a color!!!


Thats mine problem too, its hard to pick a colour…lol…
I think they are all beautiful.

It really depends on how much $$ you want to put out. Generally, for socks, you want a superwash wool, or something with a smidgen of nylon in it for durability. Lorna’s is FANNNTASTIC… But, also, there’s Socks that Rock by Blue Moon Fiber Arts… even YUMMIER! For your first pair of socks, I would go with a sport or DK wt, and knit them on sz 2’s, instead of a fingering wt that you’d have to knit on 0’s or 1’s. They go MUCH faster.

Hope that helps! :heart:

Thanks for this information. I’m on a socks kick right now, but I haven’t seen this yarn before!

I am going to be in SO MUCH TROUBLE!!! :teehee:

I know that feeling…lol…

Iam addicted to socks, its become a “what do Laura’s socks look like today”. People check out the ones on my feet and on my needles on a regular basis.

It was funny to see the reaction of non-knitters (muggles) when I was using self striping, they actually thought I stopped and started just perfectly each time. I never corrected them…lol

Leaves’m guessing all the time.