Which yarn to use for shawl?

Has anyone use this yarn?


Would it be good to use for this shawl?


This shawl?


Another yarn:


Which yarn is best for shawls?

Thank you for answers!

I haven’t used Suri Dream, but since those patterns don’t specify a type of yarn or gauge, I guess you could give it a try! The way the pattern (at least the first one) is written, it looks like you could just keep knitting away until it’s big enough for you, so the yarn doesn’t matter too much.

suri dream ROCKSSSSS!!! It is so soft and feathery. I think it would work for the first shawil (you’d have to check your guage) but I wouldn’t use it for the second one, because it has that scalloped stitch pattern, which wuldn’t show up as well with such a furry yarn. It would WORK, but I think that the time you’d spend doing the stitches would be lost because you wouldn’t see them as well… that’s just my opinion thought, you could make a swatch and try it out, maybe you’'ll like it!