Which Yarn is Best?

I’m knitting a baby blanket, but I’m not sure what yarn to use.

  • Bernat Cottontots?
  • Lily Sugar and Cream?
  • Lion Brand Cotton Ease?

I’m open to suggestions. Thanks!

The sugar and cream may be a little heavy unless you knit it on larger needles. It does soften up a lot with use and washing. They all hold up pretty well; this might be something that’s your preference and the colors offered.

If you want cotton I wouldn’t use Sugar and Cream. It’s not really soft enough for a baby IMO. I don’t know about Cotton Ease, but Cottontots is pretty soft. A cotton blend would be good and lighter, too.

I love cotton tots. It is so soft and the colors are very pretty. But in my experience the Cotton ease is easier to wash than cotton tots. I knit a lovely baby blanket out of cotton tots for a baby shower. It says machine wash dry flat. I did that and it pilled like crazy. I spent what felt like forever with an electric fuzz shaver to get them off. on the other hand I have knit several spa cloths for my SIL out of the cotton ease and she just throws them in the wash with the rest of the laundry. No special care at all and they have held up beautifully. Cotton ease is quite soft. I think from now on I would use it for baby items when I want cotton.

I am also about to start on my first baby blanket. I am going to use Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Superchunky. (It is on sale at littleknits.com)

I received a hand-knitted baby blanket when my daughter was born. I don’t know what the yarn was, but it is an acrylic sort of chenille. My aunt bought it at Michaels or Joanns. It is a very nice blanket and machine washable. It has a little bit of a lace pattern (not to open) which gives it really nice drape and can be easily tucked around a baby in a stroller or carseat.


I’ve used the current version of LB’s Cotton Ease (to knit a grocery bag, it has held up well so far). It is a soft yarn; although, somewhat split-y to work with.

Cotton Tots is wonderfully soft but I prefer something that can go in the washer/dryer for a baby blanket. Lion Brand Cotton Ease is nice, I’ve made baby bibs with it before. TLC Cotton Plus is another cotton/acrylic blend that’s nice and soft too.

I’ve used Bernat Satin. It’s pretty, holds up well, and can be washed and dried. It also feels soft enough for baby. I don’t think it super-soft, but it’s not scratchy.