Which yarn for baby blanket?

Hey Ladies,

The suggestions for Encore for my kids sweaters was right on! Thank you so much. I’m working on two of them and am in love! I’m making a cute plum colored raglan for the baby and a precious precious cornflower blue eyelit cardigan for the baby as well.

Anywho, I want to start a blanket for the baby. I was thinking of a wave scene and probably lining the back since there will be color change. I’m looking for worsted weight using size 8s. Must be washable, what brands could I use? I’m enjoying Encore and need a variety of colors in the pallette, and would like something soft. :slight_smile: Should I stick with Encore?
Thanks, Candace

You can stick with Encore, or you could use Caron’s simply soft. It’s very soft, machine washable, and very affordable.

Encore has a huge variety of colors, and since you know you like it, why not stick with it?

Heh, ok. Your right. heh.

Ingrid, I dont want to use it for this blanket, but have you ever used Reynolds Smile? Its pretty! But Im afraid it may act like homespun. I searched here and only found one reference to it.

No, I never heard of Reynolds Smile.

I’ve used Bernat Cotton Tots for a baby blanket I made. It was nice and soft – worsted weight, and pretty inexpensive.