Which Yarn for a Towel?

I’ve been renovating my home for a few years now and its almost in a state where we can stop and enjoy it.
Hubby and I both have important(ish) birthdays this year and are hoping to have a joint party in the summer which will involve lots of guests staying over.

I want to knit some guest towels and facecloths, that they can take away with them but I dunno which Yarn to use for it. (I already know which flavour of organic soap I’m gonna wrap in each guests facecloth though - priorities squiffed maybe?).

Any suggestions?

Ideally, I’d like something that doesn’t take to long to knit up, and is soft and absorbent. I’ll only be doing facecloths and hand towels, nothing too large as there are gonna be at least 5 in the house and potentially another 6 in tents in the garden.


To be honest I’m not sure, but cotton is the most absorbent. I can’t imagine a towel out of anything else. If you want fast then a bulky yarn would be best probably. I’m not sure how many bulky cottons there are… :thinking:

I found these because I was thinking of making a bathmat…

3 from Elann

The Mason-Dixon knitting book has some patterns for hand towels and washcloths. I actually made the moss stitch hand towels. I used Plymouth (not sure of the exact name…am at work). It was part linen and part something else.

While this made a pretty towel, it’s not real absorbent.

I think the book recommends Peaches and Cream. I was a very new knitter when I started these towels. I didn’t know that Walmart carried this yarn. I bought the more expensive Plymouth yarn at an LYS far from me (don’t have specialty yarn stores here).

Here’s the Peaches and Cream website.

Well I certainly didn’t need another yarn buying link, but I’m already in love with those cottons and chenilles at NUMEI. Has anyone purchased from them before?

I’ ve made several face cloths from Cyrstal Palace cotton chenille and I really like the way they work up. I may have to give those at NUMEI a try.

I made a reverse-bloom flower washcloth from weekend knitting out of just plain cotton something or other but in the book it says crystal palace cotton chenille which looks pretty cute:

and maybe would work for a towel?

OK - Now I need that pattern too!
Thats lurvely!!!

I’m gonna try the Numei link that Jan posted, I thiiiink I’m falling in love with that!!!

Thank you all :hug: :hug: :hug: