Which would you do?

Choice #1 - Knit an afghan with acrylic worsted weight yarn. This would make it easier to machine wash/dry. We have 6 people in our house and spills happen sometimes!!

Choice #2 - Knit it in 100% wool . This would make it warmer but it wouldn’t be as easy to machine wash/dry. I’ve always wanted to use wool, but maybe an afghan would cost more $$ than I’ve got.

PLEASE let me know what you would do in my shoes!!


I’d have to go with acrylic, my daughter and grandkids are allergic to wool and having something those I love are allergic to is a problem for me. However, if I could actually afford it and was willing to deal with the cleaning issue, I would do one in wool and figure those who would have a problem with it should avoid it. Ambivalent? LOL I think a wool afghan could be much more beautiful than one done in synthetics.

Whatever you decide, enjoy your new afghan.

:noway: No way I’d knit it in wool. Can you imagine washing and laying it flat or whatever to dry?? I’d go with acrylic. I have a couple acrylic afghans and they are plenty warm in the house where we use them.

Wool afghan…dont think so as with children they spill things and some will even put it in the wash to hide what they did…do you want your work to be the size of a washcloth ??? cause they would run it thru the dryer…We could see the steam comming from your ears on that …safer to make it oput of acrylic…I have tons of acrylic afghans and love all of them. Yep grandkids have spilt things on them lots…better safe and happy than the other…

I always use acrylic when making afghans whether for our house or for gifts. They are plenty warm not to mention very easy to wash and dry. Plus there are way more color options in acrylic.

Choose easy care - it’s something of a myth that acrylic isn’t as warm as wool, it can be, if not warmer. That only applies to outer wear that wet wool will be warmer than acrylic, but that wouldn’t be of concern in an afghan.

You can always compromise and knit it in superwash wool. Knitpicks is a good place for deals on yarn.

Either acrylic or superwash worsted wool, whichever is more affordable.

That said, my MIL knitted the most gorgeous afghans using Red Heart Acrylic. For some reason hers always came out very soft. The ones I crocheted with RH never softened even after washing. YMMV, and please let us see your finished afghan, regardless of which yarn you choose to go with.

The votes are in and the results are ------ ACRYLIC!!! Or at least something easy care!

Thanks everyone for your ideas/thoughts. Will keep you posted on my progress!


I think acrylic is an excellent choice, but I will say this: If you’re worried about it being warm enough, then you can always knit it holding two strands of yarn together. However, keep reading!

With that said, the crocheted afghan I made using one strand of yarn is EXTREMELY warm. Even on the coldest days (and I don’t keep my house that warm), I can get too hot under that afghan.

Note that the afghan has a lacy pattern (i.e., it’s holey), and I’m fairly cold-natured. So . . . there you go–two strands may be overkill and one strand just might be perfect!

I’d use the acryllic. It’s cheaper, cleans up easier and is just as pretty. Let us know what you decide!

I like Lion Wool-ease. It comes in so many colors, and is machine washable and dry-able. I guess it is mostly acrylic, with a bit of wool. It is really soft. I don’t use it for baby blankets, though.