Which way to slip the stitch

The hem is being split and adding ribbing either side before the GS (grass stitch) pattern. Do I assume that as the instructions don’t specify, that I slip the stitch purlwise, with yarn to back in R3 and R5 or in order to get the rib do I slip knitwise with yarn at back ? Or doesn’t matter- just to be consistent?

Very nice looking peek at the sweater. What is the name of the pattern please?
The general rule is to slip purlwise unless the slip stitch is part of a decrease. If it’s part of a decrease, slip knitwise.
That usually works nicely but you can always experiment and see which you prefer.


Thank you so much.
It’s one by Hintern Stein called Not too much

I have that one saved in my Favorites. Really enjoy Hinterm Stein patterns.