Which type of pattern do you prefer?

The patterns I’ve done so far have listed sizes and tell you how many stitches/rows for which size, but I’ve also seen patterns where you go by measurements of the the person you’re trying to fit.

Which do you prefer and why? Is one type of pattern better than the other?

I prefer patterns that are complete from jumpstreet!

I’d rather [U]measure the person[/U] (bust/chest; back waist length; arm length; hip) and [U]then choose the size that best suits the person[/U]…and then make adjustments for shorter (or longer) arms, etc.

I also prefer knitting from the hem to the neck (called bottom up)…and I prefer knitting all the pieces separately with the eventual seaming to follow. I prefer to block the pieces individually FLAT before seaming. It’s a better outcome.

I’m still fairly new at knitting garments, but right now I prefer top down seamless patterns with all the instructions. I can foresee liking to create my own eventually though.

Most patterns try to have the same result, however they get there: a garment that fits. I’ve used both and hybrids of both, and so long as they all result in a garment that fits, I don’t really much care – for me it’s sort of like getting to the same destination by a different street.

I prefer patterns that tell me how many stitches/rows.

I like to measure and make sure the pattern with adjustments will fit the intended person. It is kind of like sewing you have to adjust for the person you are making it for. Some like a loose fit and others don’t and I adjust for the preferences of the person.

I prefer patterns that list sizes and tell you how many stitches/row etc. because I rarely have measurements for the person I am knitting for (unless it’s for me) but I can always ask for a size.

Thanks for the responding everyone :slight_smile: I was just curious as to what everyone else prefers.