Which TOE THONG is better?

I need a woman’s opinion. I am conflicted between 2 types of toe thongs (or barefoot sandals ~whichever you call them). Which one do you chicks think is the most fab and all the rage so I can start making them for my friends. The first one covers most of the top of the foot (grey) and the second one (which I have made yet) covers a portion of the foot (tan). Let me know and thanks so much for you input. OH BTW guys you can help me to lol my husband just kinda grunted at me and left the room when I asked lol.

I prefer the second one. :smiley:

me 22222222222222

Another vote for tan here.

Yet another vote for the tan here.

Second one is much more femme.

Oh you guys (chicks lol) are AWSOME !!! I was thinking the same thing but you know… wasn’t sure how the real world felt !!! THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH :cheering:

:smiley: I vote for the 2nd, too :wink:

second one! Looks like a little string bikini :lol:

I will say though that make sure the friends you are making them for like that style sandle. Personally, I CAN"T STAND anything between my toes. Flip flops drive me crazy. But that’s just me.

Ok girls Help me out ! I just eyeballed the one on my screen of the tan one and tried to copy it. I just copied that picture from an online store so I don’t have a pattern for it. Where does it need improvement at?

Oh by the way… Sorry about my toes. lol they are kinda ugly huh lmao

P.S. Kinda hard to take a pic of your foot at any angle lol.

I like the second pic too…can I be your friend?

SUre CHristy lmao ! You can be my friend lmao !!! I always think of everyone as my friend on this site! :heart: :heart: All my friends like live 2 hours away and I need all the close ones I can get . BTW love your knitting lizard!!!

Hey i think yours looks really good! It’s just a little bit shorter looking, but I LIKE yours better.

I think it would be pretty, too, in seed stitch with some beads :slight_smile:

What is it about the first one that people like less? I like them both, myself.

I’m thinking cuz it covers the whole foot. Thank you on your comment! I was shooting on making it more triangular shaped. Kinda looks like a semi circle to me, but maybe that works :happydance: . I was thinking beads would be awsome, too. Gonna have to head out to Wally World and see what I can find. They’d have to have big openings don’t ya think to slide down the yarn ? Hmmm, I’ll have to play with it :blush

Yeah totally the second one. Yer red one looks cute too :thumbsup:

gotta vote for the 2nd one too… Yours looks very good and think the beads would be great :thumbsup:

Ok girls I tried to make another model… What do we think about this one? It’s a bit longer but still not like the one in the picture. But I think I’m getting closer hehe Mybe I just have an odd shaped foot. One of you come over here and try it on for me lol !