Which to Use: Fair Isle or Intarsia?

I’d like to make a scarf for a friend and it’s going to be my first attempt at knitting an image and I’ve never tried fair isle or intarsia before. This is also my first attempt at making my own pattern. It’s just going to be a basic knit in the round scarf but I’d like to put the hammer and sickle symbol on each end. I’m wondering if it would be better to do this with fair isle or intarsia (if I did intarsia the patterned area would not be worked in the round since I hear that this is hard to do, I would work flat and stitch the edges together). Here’s an example of the symbol.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Personally, because I hate intarsia, I would do it fair isle and not always carry the yellow to the end of the rows. But I’d probably have to see it charted out first to see how many stitches there are between each color change.

I’d go with intarsia, but then again I enjoy doing it. If you do it stranded, then you’d have to bring the yellow all the way around, or cut and start it over and over again.

When my father was a young, young man, he had a tattoo of a hammer and sickle on his hand. He was a merchant seaman, but many countries wouldn’t let him off the ship and into their country because of the tattoo. (this was around WWII) He had the tattoo covered with a rose, which is still there, and he got to see the world.