Which Sweater?

What would you recommend for a first sweater? Knit it flat and seam it up, knit in the round from bottom up (Like Elizabeth Zimmerman), or in the round from the top down? I’m leaning towards including a simple cable, since I’ve discovered they don’t seem that difficult to do. I haven’t tried a large piece with cables, so I may regret saying that.

Flat makes sense to me, since I have some garment sewing experience, but I wonder which one people found easier themselves. I’m also thinking with flat you might get some sense of accomplishment as you finished each piece.


I have no problem seaming, but I’d just rather not. :teehee: Working top down or bottom up in the round is good because when you’re done, your done. For me, that’s a sense of accomplishment.

Also, you can try them on as you go to make sure the fit is good.

I’m NOT a good seamer so top down/bottom up is my preference. My first sweater was from Knitting Pure and Simple. Most are seamless and they are well written and easy.

I’d put in some cables - that much stockinette gets really boring really fast.

I did a cardigan as my first sweater project - knit flat and seamed. Now I’m working on a top-down, and I’m really enjoying how it’s coming together. It’s always very beneficial to know how to seam - I kinda enjoy it actually. But I also enjoy not seaming :teehee:

Top-down construction - you can try on the sweater as you go, which might be useful for a first sweater.