Which swatch?

Has anybody here knitted the “Tea and Sympathy” shawl from Lion Brand’s site? I hope I can get some advice.

I’m working on my gauge swatch. Typically, I always have to go up a size needle, but I decided to do a gauge swatch with the standard size needle listed in the pattern (size 13 [9mm]) because I’m not using the recommended yarn (Homespun) and I didn’t know how I would need to adjust my needle size. I didn’t hit gauge, and I didn’t like how it looked, so I went up two sizes to see how the gauge swatch would look. It was okay, but now I was over gauge. So, I went up to my customary one size needle, and although I hit gauge, I don’t know if I like the pattern particularly, and I’m pretty disappointed. :verysad: The finished product on the site looks really delicate and pretty, but the dropped stitch pattern just doesn’t have the look I was hoping for.

What do you guys think? According to my gauge, I should be knitting with size 15 needles, but which swatch do you think looks the best? I can always adjust by knitting more rows if I need to so I can have it be long and wide enough. Do the bigger holes in the size 17 needle (swatch labeled “A”) look better or are they too big? What about swatch labeled “B” knitted with the size 15 needles (this one is knitted to gauge)? Are the holes in the size 13 needle gauge swatch too small (swatch labeled “C”)?

Does this look kind of stupid, or am I being picky? Do you think it will look nice once it’s done? I don’t know why this particular pattern doesn’t really get me all excited. :? Is it my yarn choice/color choice? Help!

well, it’s a shawl, so exact gauge isn’t important… you’re not knitting a fitted sweater. I’d go with the one that YOU think looks the best.

I can’t find my password to see what it’s supposed to look like, but I’d go with B or C. I think A is too big.

If you’re not crazy about the pattern anymore, why not make something else? :shrug:

I prefer B. I think the holes in A are to large and the holes in C are to small, so I’d go with B.


I’m with the group. B

I am as usual outside the box and like “C”