Which stitch?

I am a novice knitter and want to design and make an afghan for my daughter. It will be made entirely of individual blocks joined together or a very large center panel bordered with individual blocks. The blocks (and center panel if I use one) will be a solid black background with a large turtle in the center. I’d like the design to look nice on both sides. I was thinking about using stockinette stitch but was wondering if garter or some other stitch would give me a “reversible” afghan. Also, any tips on how to change colors in the middle of the row would be greatly appreciated!

KJ :knitting:

Garter stitch would look the same on both sides but stockinette st also looks nice though different on each side. (You’ll need a border on the stockinette st to keep it from curling.) You could consider making the central block in double knitting which would be completely reversible and could be embedded in a garter st afghan. The double thickness would work well with the thickness of garter st.
When you change colors mid-row, you need to twist or overlap the yarns to prevent holes and to join the sections of color together. This video shows intarsia which is one way of doing this.

Thanks so much! I’ll play around and see what works best.