Which stitch

[COLOR=“SeaGreen”][SIZE=“3”][FONT=“Arial Black”]I want to make this scarf for my sister so I’m checking with the experts here. Would you all say that this is a single rib stitch?[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR] :grphug:

I don’t see a picture or a link… ?

Nope…not a single stitch rib. This is definitely the invisible stitch rib.


[COLOR=“Green”][B]Thank you for the quick responses!
I cannot find an invisible rib stitch pattern in my books can you tell me what combination of knit/purl makes this stitch??[/B][/COLOR]

[B][COLOR=“DarkGreen”]I can’t find this on the internet or in any of my stitch books. Can anyone help me figure out which rib stitch this might be?
I know it’s getting ugly I’m begging now, but I know this would make an excellent gift and on top of that it does not look too difficult for a begginner knitter[/COLOR]

[COLOR=“DarkGreen”]Thanks anyone for any help[/B][/COLOR] :muah:

I’m sorry, I was making a lukewarm attempt at a funny. Since there wasn’t a picture, I said it was in invisible stitch. My apologies - I promise to finish my coffee before I make any more funnies! :notworthy:

That’s a great looking scarf, and you’re right, it does look easy. I’m sure someone around here can point you in the right direction. It almost looks, to me, like it was made on a loom with bulky or super bulky yarn, but I’d never write that in stone. :slight_smile:

That was a joke, before the picture came up… :lol:

It may well be a k1,p1 rib; with heavy yarn and large needles that’s what it would look like. You could try it out with needles and yarn you might have to see if it produces a similar look. If you don’t have bulky weight, then double the yarn and use the largest needles you have.

And give it a little time for answers to show; it takes people a while to get through all the posts here.

I agree with Suzeeq, it looks like it may be a k1p1 rib. From what I can see of the back side of the scarf, it looks the same as the front, which is what makes me think of the k1p1 rib. But with really bulky yarn and needles.

Okay now I really feel stupid I’m searching through my books looking on the internet, “invisible rib stitch, invisible rib stitch where is it!!”



Looks like a double crochet stitch to me…:think:
Good luck!

It’s gorgeous I hope you find out what is is…It really looks like K1 P1 rib x

Okay now I really feel stupid I’m searching through my books looking on the internet, “invisible rib stitch, invisible rib stitch where is it!!”

Please don’t feel stupid, we were just having a joke at your expense. :wink: and actually, since you can’t see the purl column, they [B]are[/B] invisible! So you could almost say it’s an invisible rib…

It could very well be a 1x1 rib with bulky yarn and large needles, but looking through my Big Book of Knitting (my bible), it really looks like a Kitchener Rib to me. I really could be wrong, but the pictures for kitchener rib look almost exactly like that scarf…/shrug

I’ve looked through my book of stitches and it looks like it could be crossed ribbing (row 1- P1,Kb1 end P1, Row 2 -K1,P1 end K1).

It looks like a 1x1 ribbing but with the knits knitted through the back loop (so a twisted knit) But it sure is big yarn on big needles. I bet the Woolease Chunky or WOTA Bulky or Lamb’s Pride Bulky would knit up nicely like that an in no time either!

[COLOR=“Green”][FONT=“Arial Black”]Okay I made it to Michael’s craft store after work before closing and bought larger sized needles and chunky white yarn.
I will try the knit1 purl1 single rib stitch first and see what happens.
Thank you all for your help[/COLOR][/FONT] :hug:

Cool! Can’t wait to see how it works up for you!

If you figure this st. out - plz let me know? I have bulky weight yarn that would work up beautiful in this in my stash!

Thanks :smiley:

Noni, once you got past all the comedians here, :rofl: ,
how did it knit up? If you have any more questions, don’t be afraid to ask, we’ve all had enough caffiene now to be somewhat helpful. :teehee:

I have to add that some years ago I made a scarf like that on one of those round looms. It did go quite quickly.