Which stitch book?

mary webbs-knitting stitches or vogues stitchionary?(if you could only have one… :shrug:

[color=indigo]Better yet: Mon Tricot 1500 Stitch Encyclopedia, publ in 1984 by Mon Tricot. Amazon has copies in English.


oooooooooooooooooooooooooo :heart:

Hmmm … as I jot down “Mon Tricot” … I can see how reading this forum is going to increase my hobby costs.

Amazon isn’t listing that book…

Any of the Barbara Walker books!

I see the Walker books and the Mon Tricot book listed over at Amazon. Try again.

I’ve got a Mon Tricot from the 70s (most of it, the first cover and first few pages are ripped out) and saw one last year at our library’s used book sale. You may be able to find it used on Amazon, powells.com or half.com (half is part of ebay).


ok maybe my amazon doesn’t like me… the net & I have had arguments all day. I have tried to pay bills… rejected on 3 sites, ran all kinds of programs… made sure system ok. i really think i was to just knit today…

I think I’ve seen all of the stitch dictionaries with the exception of the Mon Tricot and my absolute favorites are the first two Barbara Walker Stitch Treasuries. Since I acquired those I don’t even bother looking at the other ones I have. You can order them directly from the Schoolhouse Press’ website. There is no advantage to ordering from Amazon because they don’t offer a discount on them anyway.

[color=indigo]I saw the 1984 Mon Tricot (USED) listed on Amazom just a few days ago. I looked for it because I had just 'rediscovered" my copy from 1984 which I thought I had lost in a divorced-related move several years ago. BUT I found it in the bottom of a box of old medical journals. YAHOO! Wondered if it was still inprint.

I recall buying mine in 1984 in Buenos Aires, Argentina for the cover price of $5.00. I had just begun knitting and was (mis-) teaching myself on planes back and forth between BsAs and Boston.

Used copies on Amazon were listed at $84 and up.

It is a great resource. Looking thru my old copy I see notes written under several stitch patterns, reminding me that I musta mislearned a bunch of interesting stitches back then; sure don’t remember any of them nowadays.

Cheers to all,


yup amazon does not have it now… i search couple of times ,

I could only find used copies of the Mon Tricot book. For the same price you could get the first two Barbara Walker Stitch Treasury books new. Both of which get the highest (5 star) ratings.

If you are put off by the black & white photos there is the Walker Treasury Project:

Speaking of older books~ I was on amazon last night and found a book called ( I think) A Treasury of Knitted Animals it had over 60 knitted animal pattersn. It grouped them by difficulty to easy, beginner, and advanced. It had booccoos of animals exotic and domesticated ( and the people that came with them) :roflhard: :roflhard: in native dress… It looked pretty cool~!!

as far as stitches have you checked out The Knitters’ Bible… BTW: how many pattersn does the 1984 book have??? :shrug: