Which socks should I knit next?

I’m looking for something that’s a fairly quick knit after slugging through my argyle socks. I’m knitting for a sock-a-month knit-a-long – these will be for September – but I also need time to complete another project for my wife.

I want to use some of my new yarn, so all of these except the fair isle ankle socks will be knit in Knit Picks’ Memories in the Yukon or S’mores colorways. The fair isle socks would be done in Lorna’s Laces Pine and Neon. They would be for my wife and therefore smaller around and shorter (she doesn’t like tall socks) so that’s why they get consideration.

Jaywalker socks
Campfire socks
Fair isle ankle socks (green socks on the cover)
Twisted tweed socks
Bloody Mary socks
Charade socks

Twisted tweed got my vote! (I like them so much that I even saved a copy of the pattern!;)Thank you!)

I don’t know which ones you should do but I want to try the Jaywalkers! Actually I couldn’t see all the pictures so I didn’t vote but I liked the jaywalkers for something a little different.

I have not knit any of those… but if you want a fast knit sock I think the campfire looks like it would be it…

I like Twisted Tweed too!

I thought posting this a few days before I finish my socks would give me time to decide, but all it’s making me do is want to swatch for these socks! Must…finish…argyle…socks…first…

I love the fair isle socks, so I voted for those. Good luck deciding, it must be tough!

The campfire socks got my vote. I may even have to try those myself and they have a toe up version of the pattern which I also want to try. :woohoo:

Twisted Tweed

Campfire, in Yukon.

I picked the charade socks because they’re very pretty and feminine, but I also liked the bloody mary socks and the campfire socks. They would all be nice!

That would be a [I]bad[/I] reason to knit them then, since they are for me! :mrgreen:

Those Bloody Mary socks are screaming my name! I printed off the pattern… :out:

I’m removing the fair isle socks from the equation. I’ve decided that after dealing with the argyle socks and all the different strands of yarn, I definitely want to knit with just ONE strand of yarn. Only question now is where do those 5 votes go…:think:

Campfire :cheering: Campfire :cheering:

Charade socks gets my vote xx

I voted for Jaywalkers!!
They are super quick and easy! Almost as fast as stockinette socks, but not as boring. I am halfway through a pair right now.


I like the campfire socks, too !

I can’t see the FairIsles and I really want to ! All I get is a listing for some books for sale.:cry:

The fair isle socks are in the book that shows up at the link. They’re actually the green socks on the cover.

Alright, Campfire socks it is! Thank you all for your help.