Which size?

Hi, if the chest size of the person I am knitting for is 100.5 cm, which size should I knit? 95 or 105?

Thank you

Depends on your gauge and whether the person would prefer some ease.

You may want to base the size on the belly for some body shapes. Form fitting on the belly isn’t flattering. I’ve tried increasing but think it looks better on me to have too big of a top than a widening at the bottom.

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Unless you’re an hourglass shape, in which case you want it tighter in the middle so you don’t create an artificial paunch where the fabric drapes out on its way to super-wide hips, Mike! Or, as in my family, an hourglass shape without the bust. Handbell shape. . . :weary:

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Puffy sleeves :grinning:
No, I’m not a fashion designer. I have a book on sweater designs and it talks about designing for different body shapes.

Increasing for the belly reminds me of the bell shape on me.

Of course hourglasses want form fitted.

Thanks guys.

It turns out that the sizes are 97 or 107. My friend, is 100.5 and he is slim, no belly. So I guess I should go with the 97 and keep to the pattern? What do you say?

For me I either want baggy or at least not tight. If it’s a stretchy 6x2 rib or twist I could go with a relaxed size a little under because the stretched size will be so much bigger. But stockinette I want extra. (And I’m thinking about before my middle got bigger than the top.)

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I agree with Mike. People often wear a shirt under sweaters as well so you want there to be room for that. Keep in mind though your own gauge will affect the size.

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