Which Size Harmony to buy first?

Well reading through threads the last couple of days has me really NEEDING :wink: a set of Harmony Circs… my Questions is if I am only getting maybe 2 sets right now to give them a try which size would be the most logical to get… Right now I pretty much make only scarves, shawls, and and afghan… Then of course I am asking for the whole set for christmas!!! :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help

Since the Harmony set only goes up to size 11, if you can use a larger size for making afghans like a 13 or 15 then maybe order that size. Otherwise pick a size you use the most and then you have a duplicate set for more than one project at a time.

I assume you mean the interchangeable circulars. I would start with maybe size 6 and 10 with 32" cables.

Probably even more important IMO that what you make is what weight yarn do you normally like to use. It does depend on the particular brand and yarn of course, but generally I use a 7-9 for ww.

I use 10½s for worsted and size 11s or larger for scarves or afgans. So it’s really your call for what sizes you use most of the time.

I’m a Size 8 person. I like the feel and have it in 16" 24" and 32". I would go with a 24" cable length as it is very versital

The project you’re doing determines the needle size you need.

The reason I bought the set was because every pattern I found called for a different size needle/different gauge.

So rather than continually searching for patterns for the needles I had, I bought the Options set. :slight_smile:

So, figure out what size you’re likely to need next, and buy that

Thanks for your help… :slight_smile: I guess I really was just wondering if there is one size that seems to be used more often than others. I never really pay attention to what kind of yarn it is only if I really like the colors in it… lol :aww: so if I really like a particular yarn and a pattern I just go with it… :knitting: I guess I am kind of a do my own thing kinda gal!!!

Me too, but you may find you prefer knitting most of your projects on only one or 2 sizes most of the time. That’s the sizes to get so you have multiples. I have duplicates of all needles between size 8 and 15, but the ones in the middle range (10/6mm - 7.5mm) I have several of.