Which side it the right side of garter stitch?

I love to knit, but I need a good pattern with clear instructions, or I’m lost. I just started a log cabin blanket, without clear instructions, and yep, I’m lost. This will probably be obvious, but it seems sometimes obvious answers are the one that mess me up…

So, which side is the “right side” of a rectangle of garter stitch? Is it the side that’s facing you as you start your first row of actual knitting (this would be my guess) or the side facing you as you cast on?


Usually the first row you knit is the RS, but you may like how it looks on the other side better. For garter st, it’s really you decide which should be the RS.

Yep, just choose which side you like better. I usually establish this fairly early in the project based on the cast on edge (which side do I like more) or the increases and decreases (they can look different on the other side). When I figure out which one is side I want facing out I place a coilless safety pin on one side so I remember.

With the log cabin pattern the ‘right side’ is [I]usually[/I] the side that you pick up stitches on because it doesn’t have the purl bump color change. Once you pick up stitches on one side look on the other to see what I mean. Then always pick up on the ‘right side’ so the blanket will be consistent.

Like previous people have said, it’s really up to YOU which site you want to be the right side, I think most patterns assume the first knti side unless otherwise specified. I’ve changed which side was right depending on how I wanted the item to look. I actually prefer to PURL my first row for a stockinette item, because if you look closely at stockinette you actually have tiny purl bumps from the cast on row (if you use a long tail cast on) and purling the first row created a prettier edge (if knitting flat).

I use the effects of those bumps and knit the first 2 rows for stockinette, then purl on the 3rd. Creates a nice purl row on the RS which helps the curling just a little.