Which side? (and other comments)

I inherited a bag of mixed yarn from my mother in law when she passed away. Its sat that for over 10 years, become increasingly tangled and felted because none of it was standard 8 play, it was all fancy.

After a spring-clean I went through it and salvaged what I could. None of the balls had labels, and most of them were the really fluffy self-felting ones. However, I found 4 balls with this sort of yarn (apologies for the bad photography)

So I decided to make a shrug for my sister in law for Christmas.

Having no idea what needles to use, and no particular pattern, I used 4mm needles to cast on 60 stitches and did 5 cm of 2 x 2 rib. I then change to 7mm needles and stocking stitch, and increased at 2nd and 2nd last knit row to 80 stitches. I continued on 80 stitches until the end of the ball. I did this twice, with the idea that I was going to join both halves with Kitchener stitch.

Nice idea, almost impossible in practice - the lumps in the yarn made the weaving extremely difficult, and I really wrecked the integrity of the ‘bobbles’ by trying to pull them through 160 stitches. However, only I can see the join because I know what to look for, no-one else can find it so I am OK about it.

Also, I had no idea exactly how wide 80 stitches was going to turn out, and had grossly underestimated it whilst it was on the needles. I wanted it about 40cm wide, it turns out its about 60cm wide. I got the length about right - I was aiming for 80 cm, its 83cm long (both dimensions measured unblocked). I am not undoing it, so its going to have to stay as it is.

With the stocking stitch, the bobbles mostly turned up on the purl side of the work. I assume that this is normal? And thus my question, if the bobbles turn up mostly on the purl side of the work, is the purl side the ‘right’ side? I need to know before I sew up the sleeves.

Picture of the knit side:

Close up of the knit side:

Picture of the purl side:

Close up of the purl side:

Now, with the Cami (if I make it), should I use stocking stitch and use the same ‘right’ side fro the cami as the shrug, or should I use a tighter 2 x 2 rib so as to make it a snugger fit? Looking for a suitable pattern - or at least advice on how to do the shoulder straps. Eg, should I just knit a ‘tube’ and add ribbons for the shoulder straps? If so, how do I attach the ribbons, so they don’t pull? I’ve got two balls of the yarn left and therefore theoretically can make as much knitting area as the shrug if I use the same needles.


Yowie (newbie to actually knitting garments but have been knitting ‘test squares’ for decades)

That looks an awful lot like Moda Dea Lazy Daisy. Pain in the butt to work with. Hand wash only NO HEAT from any source.
Are the non-bobble sections wrapped with a very fine thread that changes colors? If so I bet that’s what it is. Put steam to a scrap and if it shrinks greatly I’m sure that’s what it is.

I think it says use size 9 I think but 10 or bigger works out much better.
I just tied knots that would stay inside (get the tails so they’re not at the same stitch and tie them at the back) then cut them short and fluffed into a bobble looking thing.

Yes the bobbles mostly want to go to the purl side. You have to pick them out to the front.

If you think knitting it was a joy you should try frogging it. It turns into a tangled mess because the stitches don’t rip out in order.

I wouldn’t go tighter and they (Coats and Clark) had their pattern using garter stitch instead of ribbing around the waist.

The only thing that doesn’t sound like Lazy Daisy is the size of the balls. I think it took 3-4 to make this. I think there is another company that makes something similar.

I think you should just pick whichever side you like best, and make it the outside, then start seaming. Trust your own judgment, my friend. :hug:

I agree 100%.

I have some yarn that looks like yours except for coloring. The bobbles are in mixed colors on a mostly white background. It’s a Berroco yarn (50 grams-90 yds)- a soft linen blend called Poppy- 54% linen, 23% viscose, 18% cotton, & 5% acrylic.

There was a pattern to make a summer sweater with it & it called for US sz 3 & 6 needles (sz3 for ribbing & 6 for body) & 10 skeins of yarn. I knitted the front & never finished the sweater so I don’t know how it washes. The instructions say Handwashable. The pattern has a copyright of 1986 on it & it was new & just out when I bought it.

I’d send pics but I need a new camera first. :aww: