Which Pattern?

I need some knitting opinions. I am going to knit a my dog, Jake, a sweater. Which pattern would be the best?


Jake’s measeurements, of course, are not the same as the other dogs in those patterns. These are his measurements (in inches)-
Neck: 10 1/2

Stomach: 16

Back of ears to base of tail: 13

Between his front legs: 4

No advice on what you are considering - but have you seen the doggie bolero in the new Knitty?

It really depends on what look Jake is going for. I really like them all! I just knit the need for tweed dog sweater from the Lion brand site for my brothers dog. I modified it but it was really easy and fast knit. I have pictures on my blog in my siggy.

It looks to me like those two patterns are basically the same style. The chihuahua might be preferable as it explains how to make it to fit any size you need.
One here similar (no picture) explains it better, read down the bottom of page under, Other Considerations.