Which pattern would be the best one?

I’m going to be knitting an afghan for my nephew who will be going off to college this fall. He wants it to be NAVY!!! What pattern would you all recommend that I use?

My “usual” patterns either have cables or that “square-within-a-square” pattern but I think the dark color would make those difficult to see.

Should I stick with what I usually use?? Or use a different pattern? What patterns would “go” with dark solid colored yarn?


Navy? I’d go with garter stitch. My eyes complain loud and long with dark yarns.

I’m not a big afghan knitter so I like large gauge projects that are completed quickly but still look impressive. Shallow, but there you go.
I’ve made this pattern and like the way it comes out. Because of the gauge, it’s easy to see the cables even in a dark yarn.

I really, really like that one.

Here is the afghan I was going to use:

Do you think it will show up ok with dark yarn (using double strand with size 13 needles)??


I like it!
if you won’t have a problem knitting with the dark yarn, I think that would work well. I’ve made a sweater in navy in the Greek key motif which is close and it worked well. Remember dark yarn is also very forgiving of mistakes.

that’s impressive. I’ve never knit a blanket, too many pets to pick it and shed all over.

I did a black sweater a few years ago, cable and fan pattern, it made my eyes bubble. It did come out well, but I don’t think I’ll be tackling anything black for a while. If I could find some black mohair or angora…
I’ld consider doing a long sleeved turtle neck in black, in basic stocking stitch.

maybe a soft grey would make it easier?

I have knit afghans with dark colors before - navy and dark brown. I’ve also used black to knit a shawl. I have a set of bamboo circular needles in size 13 that I use with dark yarn. They help me to see the stitches VERY well.

Well, I still haven’t decided which pattern to use, but since I haven’t even bought the yarn yet I have more time to decide!!!

Thanks for your help!!! Any more pattern ideas?

I [I][B]really[/B][/I] like this one. It’s easy enough that it wouldn’t be too bad to knit in a dark color, but it does have a little texture to make it more interesting.

The thing that I thought of is an afghan I saw available commercially. It was one of those ones you do in garter stitch, start with two stitches and increase at the beginning of each row until the side edge is as long as you want it, and then decrease at the beginning of each row.

But instead of starting the decreases, you would turn 90 degrees and increase at the beginning of a row that starts at the edge, and knit the last stitch of the perpendicular row together with the next stitch of the existing row. When you get halfway across, start decreasing at the beginning of each row that starts at the edge instead of increasing. When you turn and work sideways to what you started, you’re binding off and adding a border, but the border is only one stitch at the beginning and wide in the middle and decreases to one stitch to bind off.

In other words, it’s a square, divided diagonally with garter rows perpendicular to the dividing line, and the rest parallel to the dividing line.

I hope this is clear. If you understand it, it looks really cool, but it’s all garter stitch and the shaping is all on places you can clearly see, so should be one of the easiest ones to knit in a dark color.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do. :slight_smile: