Which pattern is this?

Hello to everyone! I am new in the forum so I apologize in advance if I make some mistake in posting this message. I would like to ask you if you know which pattern is the one in the photos: I have this beautiful scarf and I’d like to replicate it. Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

I think that the pattern I do not know is the one in the red rectangle. Maybe if someone could only tell me which pattern is that one I could try to replicate the whole scarf by myself. Or maybe someone know the name of that particular pattern so I can search it. Thank you! :slight_smile: :blush:

Ps. If you need a zoom of the photo, I can take another picture in order to make it more visible! :slight_smile:

The scarf looks like columns of knits and purls except for the 2 columns with gold dots below:

They may be slipped sts on the front and knit on the back. Give that a try and see if it works.

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Thank you very much! I will try and let you know :slight_smile:

Hi @salmonmac ! I think something went wrong…the pattern seems not to be the correct one or maybe I just misunderstood your instructions. However I realize that I posted the photo of the wrong side of the scarf, here I post the right side. Did you know how can I correct the pattern? Thanks!


Here the pattern is even more clear

Ok, that looks like a column of knit into the stitch below with a purl stitch on either side. On the wrong side, knit, purl, knit across those 3 sts.


But how can I obtain the yard highlighted with the red dots?
I mean, I have to slip the central stitch twice?

From the wrong side it looked like a slipped stitch but the right side shows a knit one below (k1b). If you do that the stitch will have 2 strands behind it, the current stitch on the left needle and the stitch from the previous row.
Give it a try with some scrap yarn and see if that’s the look you want. You could also try knitting an extra right side and wrong side row then knitting into 2sts below.


I tried to make the following:

  1. right side: purl, k1b, purl
  2. wrong side: knit, purl knit

but it seems not working…there is no hope, maybe I am too incopentent for this… :sob:

Yes, that’ll work. Give it another try just in case there was a mistake on the first try.

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Maybe something went wrong because the pattern doesn’t seem the same…Moreover, the pattern I made seems in relief respect to the weft while in the scarf I want to copy everything is flat.

Another question: how can I perform the k1b when I am at the very beginning of the work (first row)?

You don’t have a row below so just knit across the first row.

The stitch definition could be due to needle size or the texture and compostion of the yarn itself.

Salmonmac Is that stitch similar to a butterfly stitch?


You probably could do it as a butterfly stitch. I didn’t think of that but it’s worth a try. Thanks for the suggestion.

Thank you very much for your help, I will try!

Zooming in and dotting k, dash p shows gold stitch is 4 row repeat sl r1 to r3 p on row 4.
I’d write the pattern as:
RS side: Edge, K2, [(K, Gold, K, P) twice, K2] repeat across, edge.
WS rows: edge, [P2, (K, P, Gold, P) twice] repeat, P2, edge.

Repeat rows WS, RS, WS, RS with gold stitch sl on all WS row, but gold st is P all 3 row Sl Sts below as one on every second RS row.

Edit! Or p,k,p, then on 4th row drop and ladder three row then p then in fouth row. Or K from the WS.

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Thank you very much! I will try!

Hi! I have a question: I am new in knitting so I search some guide to perform the gold stitch but I did not find anything useful…could you explain me how to do it or maybe could you write me a website where I can find the instructions? Thanks!

I am sorry that was not clear about that. I only called them “gold” stitches because @salmonmac used gold dots in her example image. Maybe I should have called them the “unknown” stitch?

You may choose to slip these stitches (with yarn on the knit side) for 3 rows, then in the fourth row (the purl side) knit the stitch and all the slipped yarns in one stitch.

By knit side I mean the side that has more knits than purls.
Likewise the purl side would have more purls in the row than knits.


Ups what a misunderstanding! :joy: I though about the fact that in the previous messages they have been called “golden” but seeing that you wrote “gold” in the pattern instructions confused me! Thank you!

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