Which pattern for this yarn?

I have so many different yarns laying around that I can’t match to a pattern it’s driving me nuts. Sometimes I wish there was a permanent thread just for matching patterns to yarns…

I have this Atacama alpaca that I bought on sale. But only 4 skeins. 440 yards. I so want to make a little cardigan, simple, with shortish sleeves but I don’t think I have enough. Unless I can find some other yarn laying around that maybe I can slip in there… It’s a really weird hand dyed color, pale blue and green and browns so I’m not sure if it would make an attractive scarf.

This is the link, wonder if anyone ever worked with this?


I’ve been racking my brain coz I really like knitting with this yarn, it’s so soft. !

Are you on Ravelry m’dear? Because you can search by pattern and select the yardage, weight, etc.

There are lots of baby patterns of course, but the only adult one I can find that’s free is this one. You could make it longer if you have enough yarn.

If you find more yarn to go with it then there are probably a lot more choices.

me too! I’ve often thought this!

I have this bizzare obsession with laceweight variagated yarn that looks good in absolutely nothing! I really wish I knew what to do with all of it,

(I have an obsession with green flowers, too. what’s up with that?! That’s a question for another forum, perhaps.)

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Jan, I love that pattern! It’s like the Anthropologie? store’s shrug that I wanted to make a year ago but forgot about. This yarn is too thin for it I think, yeah, but I have some other yarn that might be perfect.

Green flowers!!! ha Glad to hear someone else has an ‘obsession’ for laceweight variegated… did you ever make a shawl out of it? There’s a really (well, sort of) simple shawl called Diamonds and Pearls in Clara Parke’s book that I’m making. The Knitter’s Book of Yarn. I just love this pattern but I can’t show it to you!

You know Jan, that might actually work coz I just noticed the needle size is perfect and the amount of yarn also. I could make it a little longer I think. Thanks again.

yeah, just my random thought for the day. :teehee:

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I also have a weakness for laceweight variegated yarn. I ended up so far making a couple of pair of socks. I really like how light they are and they fit in my shoes better. You have to really like the pattern to stay with it through 2 socks though.