Which pattern and which yarn?

I want to make my mum (or maybe myself :oops: ) a sor of cardigan wrap thing . somthing like this:


or this:

but i love this yarn:

would a pattern like those work with yarn like this or can anybody suggest somthing similar?

here is where someone made clapotis from sock yarn. pretty pretty…

It looks like the patterns you want call for a heavier yarn. If you like the Fleece Artist, you can get yarn like that in a heavier weight. Same colorways. See Knitty-Noddy for ideas:

Thank you, im still getting my head around all the different types and weights of yarn!

so if the sock yarn is a bit to lightweight, would a DK be more suitable?

Im having trouble finding the fleece artist yarn in the UK.

The gauge seems to be one that is most easily had using a worsted/aran weight yarn. For examle, you can see in the second pattern you posted that it uses Rowan Summer Tweed. You are aiming for the guage in the patterns, 18 or 19 sts over 4". You might be able to do this with DK weight yarn, but the fabric will probably be kind of loose. Of course, if you are comfortable with adjusting the number of stitches the pattern calls for according to the gauge you are getting, then you can use any yarn. But if not, it’s best to stick with the pattern’s gauge.

I love the Knitty wrap. Thanks fo posting it. I hadn’t seen that one before!